Tone-Deaf Liberal Reaction to Amtrak Crash Will Make You Livid

The Bodies of Amtrak Victims Killed in Wreck are Not Even Cold Before Twitter… Blames RepublicansWhile first responders worked around the clock to search for survivors of Tuesday’s’s Amtrak train wreck, loony liberals flocked to Twitter and social media to immediately pin the blame on Republicans.

Hundreds of vicious liberals shamelessly accused Republicans of causing the crash.


Because Republicans slashed the budget for NEW track construction.

But while liberals once again let no crisis go to waste, others jumped on the Twitter to call them out.

So before the cause of the crash is known. Even before a full accounting of all the passengers on the train, liberal idiocy reigns on social media.

Remember when America came together in times of tragedy and disaster?

Now, before we allow families and friends to grieve and heal, partisan bickering is the NEW first response.

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