Trump Adviser Tackles Reporters on Immigration

President Donald Trump’s advisor Stephen Miller was combative with reporters in the White House press briefing on immigration, blasting them for their bias on the issue.

Miller appeared at the podium to discuss the RAISE Act, a proposed bill to move to a skills-based immigration system.

“I know you guys will have lots of fun,” Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said as she introduced Miller at the beginning of the press briefing.

He didn’t disappoint.

Miller called on New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush and CNN’s Jim Acosta, apparently ready for a conflict.

During the press briefing, he tangled with Acosta challenging him over the spirit of the Statue of Liberty and the poem added to the platform of the monument. When Acosta cited the poem’s line about “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” Miller disputed the nature of his question.

“The statue of liberty is a symbol of American liberty lighting the world,” Miller replied. “The poem that was added later.”

Acosta accused Miller of monument revisionism, and later accused him of trying to allow only people from Great Britain and Australia by having an English requirement.

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  • Gen11American

    Since Edward Kennedy passed his asinine 1965 “Family Reunification” Immigration Law, the Democrats have been using it to flood in piss-poor Third World Socialist peasants which have been a burden on American taxpayers for DECADES! We’re sick of being taken advantage of, and we’re also sick of having the Democrats trying to replace generational White Christian Americans with Socialist subversives who are eager to subvert our Constitutional Republic into a Socialist hellhole! The examples of Venezuela and Cuba are so stark and disastrous, no one with a functioning brain should want any part of it, and only the dumbest, blindest, most indoctrinated nincompoops do so! Just because Bernie Sanders touts Socialism as a panacea to capitalism’s woes doesn’t mean it will!

    • The Redman

      white-folks-(98%)-in america, R some of the worst immigrant terrorist in the world. Cpl.2

  • The Redman

    Stupid white-folks ruined america