Trump Promises To Do THIS For American Christians

American Christians

If elected President, Donald Trump promises to protect Christians. He recognizes that freedom of religion is a major part of this nation’s foundation.

Christians are persecuted all around the world in violent ways. In America, there may not be violence, but society silences Christians. Liberal, “progressives” paint them as bigots who believe in fairytales. They are told to take down their nativity scenes because it pushes their religion on others. Praying to God and carrying a Bible in public schools is prohibited. However, if a Muslim shows up to a public school in a hijab carrying a Koran and has to take breaks to pray every day, it is a wonderful thing.

Liberals are so careful to not offend Muslims, but they do not care if a Christian is offended. Even though they preach tolerance, they are only selectively tolerant. While they support and praise a backwards, violent religion, they bash one centered on love for others.

Trump has been popular among evangelical Christians this election season. He has even spoken at a Liberty University convocation. Perhaps it is because we know that if Hillary is elected, a wave of Syrian refugees and eventually Sharia Law will follow. The rights of Christians will be gone.

Trump, a Presbyterian himself, made his views on Christian rights clear at a conference in Washington, D.C.

“We will respect and defend Christian Americans. Christian Americans.

It’s really the people who go to church, who work and who work in religious charities. And share their values. These are the foundations of our society.”

America was founded by men who believed in freedom of religion. While religious freedom in theory applies to all religions, government and corrupt society have tries to take it away from Christians. If the public schools allow a Muslim student to carry around the Koran, a Christian student should be able to carry around the Bible.

Donald Trump will work to ensure that no Christian in America feels silenced or hated for what they believe. Under his leadership, hopefully the government will step up and do its part to protect Christians’ rights. And maybe, Christians will again be able to express their beliefs without being a target of hate.


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