Trump doctor paid $86,000 to settle malpractice lawsuit after patient’s death

The New York doctor who has given glowing assessments of Donald Trump’s health once paid out tens of thousands of dollars to settle a lawsuit after being accused of malpractice that led to the death of one of his patients.

Harold Bornstein agreed to pay $86,250 to the family of Janet Levin, who allegedly died after falling when she took “unhealthy amounts” of prescription drugs that Bornstein had given her unnecessarily, according to archived court papers.

Levin’s family accused Bornstein of being “negligent and grossly reckless” for prescribing her barbiturates, morphine and valium “greatly in excess of appropriate dosages” and despite the drugs not being suitable for any condition for which she was being treated.

Levin, 52, “became addicted to narcotics” and was “rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled”, according to the lawsuit, which blamed Bornstein squarely for setting in motion a series of factors “all leading to her death” from the apparent drug ingestion and fall in 1998.


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  • larryfinley

    He can afford the best doctors. He can afford to buy whatever opinion he wants. He qualifies for medicare, and I hope he can take advantage of doctors who will spend whatever it takes to keep us alive. He can afford to buy Obama’s birth certificate. So he should spend some money on a good check up. And only one page please.

  • Natalie

    I’m sure the lib media went over this doctors records with a fine tooth comb. And I’m also sure they paid, I mean found someone willing to say something bad about him. Almost all doctors, if not all have had lawsuits filed against them. Malpractice is a big business in this country, just ask any ambulance chasing lawyer. Also they never fail to try to smear Trump, his family his associates, his grade school science teacher. A dentist he went to thirty years ago. Their Hillary worshipping has passed absurdity, and now stands at outrageously ridiculous.

  • barterman1955

    Doctors, and most nurses, carry malpractice insurance just because everybody is suing everybody. The chances are that the insurance company settled the lawsuit because it was cheaper than litigation. The insured individual has no option but to follow the insurance company’s recommendations or they have to come up with the cost of the litigation themselves. Unfortunately, this goes on their record as them being guilty. I’d like them to randomly check the records of a hundred doctors and I’d guarantee that they’ve all been sued and have had to settle. The lies are grasping at straws. As a matter of fact, I’d like them to pull the records on Hitlery’s doctor and see how many times he’s been sued!

    • truthseeker

      If her Doctor is even a real Doctor. I would think any real Doctor would avoid a Patient that cannot tell the Truth . She just needs someone who will do what it takes to keep her standing long enough to get to the finish line.

  • VA Guy

    Did HE personally make the settlement or did his insurance company???

    That is what usually happens.
    The malpractice insurance company asses how much it is likely to cost them in attorney fees vs. paying a settlement up front..

    THEY then decide what path WILL be taken.

  • Shelba Herring

    How many Doctors get hit with malpractice suits each year and their insurance company opts to pay instead of having a long drawn out court battle which winds up costing more than the original lawsuit that is why doctors pay a high premium for this type of insurance

    • truthseeker

      This Levin took ” Unhealthy Amounts”. As an adult we are responsible for ourselves. If you are self-medicating then it is the responsibility of that person to know the difference. A Doctor can only advise you what you should do and if you decide to ignore him and the label . You are at fault.

      • Shelba Herring

        Agree with you about Levin but the statement I made about insurance companys paying rather than fighting is fact

    • Sick of Rino’s

      Insurance companies go against sound advice and find it much easier to settle. The fear is if they go to court, a sympathetic jury will award much, much more, justified or not.

  • csmith

    Exactly what the hell does this have to do with anything meaningful?