Trump doctor paid $86,000 to settle malpractice lawsuit after patient’s death

The New York doctor who has given glowing assessments of Donald Trump’s health once paid out tens of thousands of dollars to settle a lawsuit after being accused of malpractice that led to the death of one of his patients.

Harold Bornstein agreed to pay $86,250 to the family of Janet Levin, who allegedly died after falling when she took “unhealthy amounts” of prescription drugs that Bornstein had given her unnecessarily, according to archived court papers.

Levin’s family accused Bornstein of being “negligent and grossly reckless” for prescribing her barbiturates, morphine and valium “greatly in excess of appropriate dosages” and despite the drugs not being suitable for any condition for which she was being treated.

Levin, 52, “became addicted to narcotics” and was “rendered sick, sore, lame and disabled”, according to the lawsuit, which blamed Bornstein squarely for setting in motion a series of factors “all leading to her death” from the apparent drug ingestion and fall in 1998.


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