Trump Gets Under Hillary’s Skin – How She Responds is a Total Failure

2000px-Electoral_College_2016.svgWhy is Trump rising in the polls?

And Hillary dropping like a rock?

Trump pulls no punches in telling it like it is.

Hillary spins EVERYTHING.

Witness this exchange:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign tried to defend her controversial top staffer, Huma Abedin, after Donald Trump called Abedin’s husband–the disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner–a “perv” and a “sleazebag.”

Trump also suggested that Abedin, the daughter of Islamic supremacists — is a security risk.

But Hillary’s defense consisted mostly of an effort to change the subject. “Donald Trump has spent the summer saying offensive things about women, but there is no place for patently false, personal attacks towards a staff member,” said Hillary’s press secretary Nick Merrill.

Clinton’s statement also tried to stigmatize public debate about Abedin’s actions. Trump “should be ashamed of himself, and others in his own party should take a moment to stand up to him and draw the line for once. It’s embarrassing to watch frankly,” she said.

Trump is right. Anthony Weiner, husband of Hillary’s top staffer, Huma Abedin, is a proven “perv” and “sleazebag”.

Given Weiner’s scandal and Abedin’s Iranian ties, isn’t it right to question if she is a security risk?

Rather than answering Trump’s attack, Hillary provides her usual spin.

She deflects it as an attack on all women, and then launches into a lame attack on Trump’s character?

Anthony Weiner- perv and sleazebag.

Huma Abedin- loyal lapdog and security risk.

Hillary Clinton- lame and pathetic.

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