Trump Is Setting Records. Hillary? Not So Much

voteWhat’s the big difference between the Democrat and Republican primaries?

What’s the striking difference between Trump and Hillary?

Well, take one look at how many people are showing up to vote in the primaries.

Voters are turning out in record numbers to cast votes in the Republican primary races.

On the Democrats side, drastically lower voter turnout from the 2008 election.

Check out this article that breaks down this voter turnout:

On the surface, Super Tuesday’s results may appear as if Democrats are starting to coalesce around Hillary Clinton. But when taking a closer look at how many voters actually showed up to the polls this year compared to the last time there was a Democratic presidential primary, the numbers tell a very different story that may very well have a bad ending for Clinton supporters — and all Democrats in general.

In all of the states that Clinton won, Democratic turnout was drastically lower this year than in 2008. Aside from Massachusetts, where Clinton won by 1 percent with voter turnout just 4.29 percent lower in 2016 than in 2008, all of Clinton’s wins relied on anywhere between 20 percent and 50 percent fewer Democratic voters going to the polls in those respective states. Democratic turnout as a whole was 32 percent lower on Super Tuesday 2016 when compared to 8 years ago:

2016 has so far been a record-setting year for Republican primaries. The below graphic from NBC News shows the percentage difference between this year and previous GOP primary turnout records in each state. Most of these states voted for Donald Trump by large percentages:

The question remains…

Will Trump and Hillary win the nominations?

After the March 15th primaries, we’ll have a pretty good idea.

Now, if these voter turn out trends continue in the general election, who do you think it favors?

So far, only Trump and Bernie have excited the crowds.


Not so much.

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