Trump Lashes Out – Who Is His Target This Time?

trump attackMexico, Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others all have felt the wrath of Donald Trump during his campaign for President.

Now, Trump has a real beef.

Based upon the recent delegate trick in Colorado, Trump is slamming the RNC and Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus:

Donald Trump on Tuesday slammed Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus a “disgrace” and blasted the party’s delegate system as “absolutely rigged.”

“Reince Priebus should be ashamed of himself,” he told The Hill in an interview. “He should be ashamed of himself because he knows what’s going on.

“It’s a disgrace for the party,” the presidential front-runner added, though he said that he had not “given any thought” on whether to call on Priebus to step down.

Trump has been attacking the delegate system since Saturday, when Colorado awarded 34 delegates to rival Ted Cruz only through a state Republican Party convention in a process that effectively shut out 90 percent of the Colorado’s GOP voters.

Love him or hate him, or you plan to support him, Trump is playing an important role in this year’s election.

Even if he doesn’t win the Presidency, Trump reveals the political elites.

Trump calls out the corruption.

It’s Trump showing us all how rigged the system is.

Is it any wonder why both Republicans, Democrats, and The Media fear Trump?

He’s revealing them all.


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