Trump Picks Up U.S. Marine’s Hat Twice

A video of President Donald Trump making a move of pure class to help a Marine went viral over the weekend, as it showed how much the president respects the military.

The moment took place Saturday at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland as Trump was boarding a plane to return to Washington following the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

As Trump walked toward Marine One, a gust of wind carried a Marine’s hat into the air. The president rushed to pick it up, placed it on the Marines head and patted the Marine’s arm.

The wind blew the hat off a second time, prompting the president to again retrieve it — this time handing it to another service member before boarding.

The Marine, who was not immediately identified, remained at attention during the encounter.

Take a look:

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  • Gen11American

    If that had been Obama instead of Donald Trump, our snotty, elitist 44th president (who thankfully is no longer occupying the White House), wouldn’t have either noticed or cared if that Marine’s hat blew away completely! Patriotic Americans now have nothing but total disdain for that traitor because he showed total disdain for our military for 8 years, and spent his time weakening this nation rather than fulfilling his primary duty, which was protecting and defending our Constitution and this nation from our enemies, foreign and domestic! Being a globalist Soros puppet, Obama violated our US Constitution over 50 times, and flooded in just as many of our enemies as he possibly could! Now our safety and national security will be compromised by radical Islamists for generations into the future!

    • American John

      Gen 11 what a liar you are but then all of you 50 Ruble pigs are liars . Being too lazy to get a real job low class filth of you ilk will spend your time there in St Petersburg Russia pretending to be Americans and posting for your filthy murdering dictator Putin and his golden shower butt boy the chicken s**t cowardly orange headed fascist maggot.
      We Americans do not want the tRump/Putin fascist dictatorship we will impeach this worthless low life POS then we will deal with you filthy Russian pigs as well as the fascist collaborators here in the USA. May God bless the resistance and may God bless the American GIs.

      • Gen11American

        Hey, American John, I worked hard for 39.5 years, I was never a freeloader, nor a supporter of Russia in any way,, shape, or form! After having to “duck and cover” during elementary school due to the threat of nuclear war, I despise the Russians with everything that is in me, just as most Baby Boomers do! It’s those who were educated post 1967, when the Leftist indoctrination of Americans students began, who have bought into the pro-Russian bull! However, I’m realistic enough to know we CANNOT FIGHT AND WIN A WAR AGAINST RADICAL ISLAM WITHOUT THE RUSSIANS, so some concessions have got to be made for world security! In the interim, I strongly suggest you CEASE PERSONALLY ATTACKING FELLOW BLOGGERS WHO HAVE JUST AS MUCH RIGHT TO COMMENT AS YOU DO!

  • dangkids

    This just shows how much more CLASS the Trump’s have than Ovomit and his husband ever dreamed of having…

  • American John

    Putin’s golden shower butt boy the orange headed fascist maggot does not give two s**ts for the American GI. He was a chicken s**t coward during Viet Nam and said “getting the clap was the same as going to Viet Nam” that is an insult to all that served in Viet Nam. He was not elected by the people he was hacked and rigged into our White House by the murdering Russian dictator Putin.and has no mandate. Thank God this low life POS will be impeached for treason soon. I would not walk across the road to p*** on him if he were on fire. The only people who support tRump the traitor are Russian 50 Ruble pigs, the extremely stupid, and fascist collaborators. After tRump the traitor is impeached and freedom and democracy are restored in the USA we must deal with the filthy fascist collaborators.
    The brave people of Paris France gave us a good example when ejecting tRump’s filthy fascist forefathers from Paris during WWII shaved heads and the walk of shame. We should also put them on a list on the internet the way we do pedophiles many would be on both list. These people are not good Americans they are not even good human beings. May God bless the resistance and may God bless the American GIs. Americans do not want this tRrump/Putin fascist dictatorship.

    • DHConner

      American John: Your nom de plume tells all of us why your ideas and claptrap are so shitty.