Trump still backs Gorsuch after rude remark

There’s no bad blood between President Trump and his pick for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, even after Gorsuch told Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal that Trump’s attacks on a federal judge are “demoralizing,” according to a top Trump aide.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News Thursday that Trump isn’t reconsidering Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court after his comments to Blumenthal.

“Of course not,” she said. “The president is fully confident in the nominee.”

Conway declined to comment when asked if Gorsuch and Trump have spoken since Blumenthal told reporters about the judge’s comment. Trump tweeted earlier on Thursday morning saying Blumenthal is “misrepresenting” Gorsuch’s words, but multiple people close to the judge have confirmed the story.

Conway said criticisms that Trump is disrespecting the judiciary by criticizing the federal judge who struck down his immigration order are unfair. She said Democrats are being hypocrites because President Obama once criticized the Supreme Court justices during his State of the Union speech over the Citizens United decision.

She said Democrats shouldn’t be too happy that Gorsuch criticized Trump because he still is a conservative judge who disagrees with them on major cases. What really matters are polls coming into the White House showing Trump’s Supreme Court pick and other policy choices are resonating with the American people, Conway said.


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  • pappy450

    If you remember, Mr. Trump said he encouraged people in his cabinet to have their own opinions. Not a bunch of butt-kissing “yes” men like OSCUMBAG had. THAT is the difference of having a REAL “Commander in Chief” and the MUSLIME FRAUD we had to put up with for 8 LONG years.

    • Snake

      8 years? We’ve had the same new world order scumbag asskissers for 50+ years. That includes the clintons, both bushes, and reagan, not just buttcrack ovomit! All of them support the UN and NWO!

      • William Markey

        All of them globalist. They were moving in for the one nation government and americans slammed the door.

        • Snake

          Actually we have slammed nothing. We have only prolonged the inevitable. Everything that is happening is exactly according to scripture. Our currency and economy is due to collapse, there is NOTHING that can prevent it it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when! And when it happens, the NWO will be there to “save the day”. When the multitudes are starving they will accept whatever power promises to feed them! Exactly how Hitler appeared!

          • HopeforAmerica

            Republicans in Congress and Trump have sold their souls to the Devil.

          • Carolyn Henderson

            It was already sold , to Obummer

      • Carolyn Henderson

        Not Reagan

        • Snake

          Try again! Reagan also was a firm supporter of the North American Union and created NAFTA (Reagan’s VP, Daddy Bush, finalized it, and then Clinton made it law)! It would do you well to research before opening your mouth and making a fool of yourself.

          Sadly Reagan failed to remember the speech he gave in 1964 for the Barry Goldwater campaign, if he had and followed his own words he would have been the best!

          • Carolyn Henderson

            When someone presents themselves as “know it all” and relegates everyone else’s opinion to worthless, I usually file them in the ‘passe’ file. You’re ‘passe’.

          • Snake

            A fool is someone who considers their opinion more important than he facts – YOU’RE A FOOL!

  • Al Wunsch

    First of all, the judge didn’t comment on Pres Trump’s remarks. He answered the question about disparaging judges with a general response that you would expect any judge to answer – that’s its demoralizing etc. Trump doesn’t need a safe zone, he’s fine with people’s honest remarks, in fact, encourages his people to stand their ground and give sincere and learned counsel.

  • Dexter L. Wilson

    Trump is a bigger man than that. Besides Trump realizes there may have been a better way to introduce the temporary ban.

  • Mark Ochs

    We need to get rid of this traitor Gorsuch and nominate a judge who is in Trump’s corner.

    • William Markey

      The senator lied. He lied about fighting in vietnam. He is a liar and lowlife

  • Agostino

    Gorsuch is not a politician. He didn’t realize Blumenthal was setting Gorsuch up for Trump to drop him. Liberals are afraid of him since he believes in the law.

  • DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Accordin’ to Lymbaugh and at least two othahs I have heard or read the Honorable Judge Gorsuch nevah used these disparagin’ words, but Bloomin’-idiot used them and tha Leftmedia has inaccurately attributed them to tha good Judge. More “fake news”.

    How’s that old 60’s hit go?
    Where have all tha newsmen gone,
    Long time passin’?
    Where have all tha newsmen gone,
    Long, long time ago?
    Gone to fake news, every one.
    Gone to fake news every one.
    When will they evah learn?

    Probably nevah.


  • William Markey

    The news came from somebody that said he fought in Vietnam. The senator lied. Once a liar always a liar as attorneys look at it. Just gossip and heresay. .

  • myfordtruck

    Trump will not drop Gorsuch because he knows he will judge by the law not his feelings or try and make new laws