Trump Vows to Crack Down on Immigration Visas

President Donald Trump signaled on Twitter that he was prepared to crack down on immigration visa programs in the wake of the terrorist attack in New York City.

“We are fighting hard for Merit Based immigration, no more Democrat Lottery Systems,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “We must get MUCH tougher (and smarter).”

Trump criticized the program that allowed the suspected terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, into the United States who allegedly killed eight and injured 11 people with a rented Home Depot truck on Tuesday.

“The terrorist came into our country through what is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program,’ a Chuck Schumer beauty,” Trump said. “I want merit based.”

The program was part of a bill introduced in 1990 by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., while he was still serving in the House of Representatives.

The president appeared to be watching Fox and Friends for updates about the attack, quoting a guest on the show.

”’Senator Chuck Schumer helping to import Europes problems,’” said Col.Tony Shaffer,” Trump wrote. “We will stop this craziness!”


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  • HDMania

    Wanna solve the problem ?..stop all immigration..we dont need any quotas and such..let the immigrants find another country to immigrate to..we dont need immigrants to do jobs americans wont do..that line is a bunch BS..immigrants are only needed for the liberal demorat party..if this is the only way the demorat party can get people to join that should tell you something about the party..

    • The Redman

      Its stupid, hater white-folks dat R ruining america. hhahahahaahhahahaah

      • Mmusso1

        I can tell right off you got your education out of a cracker jacks box!

        • Jean Vasiliades

          Thank you!

          • The Redman

            I bet U’re a bread-bandit, huh, gene. wit dat stupid name. .hahahahhhaahahahah

        • The Redman

          “I can tell right off” dat U’re a simpleton. hahahahaaahahhaha. musso stupid. hahahahahahahahaha

  • The Redman

    trump-ah-hump need 2 get down on dem stupid hater white-folks who love 2 steal, kill, and lie. haahhahahahahahahahahaha

  • Looking Glass

    tRump has no idea of what he is saying. It is not the immigrants who kill the majority of innocent Americans, it is white, natural born Americans with guns who kill the majority of our countrymen.