Trump Will Destroy Hillary By Gaining THESE Votes

trumpsupAfter the Orlando shooting, liberal politicians continued to defend Islam at the expense of the LGBT community. Instead of expressing disgust over the radical Muslim beliefs of the shooter that caused his hatred, they pushed their “religion of peace” narrative.

Many in the LGBT community decided that was unacceptable. Members of this group came out in droves to support Donald Trump because he condemns the evil of radical Islam. He also promises to defend their Second Amendment right to defend themselves with guns. Trump assures them that he will be a President for all people and keep all Americans safe.

Now, recent polls show that Trump is also surging in the African-American vote. The media has claimed that Hillary Clinton will win that community’s vote, but that is changing. Democrats have used and abused the black community for decades, and they need change too. Instead of allowing themselves to be kept as slaves to the Democratic party, many black voters are opting for the candidate who will bring jobs back to America and bring hope to the people. According to those conducting the Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll,

“It’s the largest shift we’ve seen in a one-week period since we began polling in July.”

By winning important minority votes, Trump will win the election. He needs the support of these groups, which usually vote for the Democrats, both to be victorious in November and to expand the appeal of the Republican Party.

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