Trump’s Secret Service-Approved Phone For Twitter

President-elect Donald Trump has given up his Android phone for a Secret Service-approved “tweeter” device that he may use to connect with his 20.5 million Twitter followers as president.

Trump does not always post tweets himself, but dictates his tweets to staff, Mike Allen at Axios reported Friday.

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  • The Redman

    So they can keep an eye on trump-ah-hump as he over take america

  • Christopher Tabin

    well, it’s nice of him to continue following social media trends rather than newspaper tabloids, because those ones suck donkey balls!!!

  • Roger

    Donald Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!

  • nococidences

    When are they going to approve this stupid MOFO a brain? He is the dumbest embrassment to the human race, let alone the Presidency and the poor Republicans who are represented by this wizard of oz character. He stol the Presidency. He said he is scared of me and refuses to meet eith me. Give Hillary her Presidency back , she has met with me 3 times, she is not scared of me. Why are you scared, I won’t pee in your mouth? He is a piece of poop. I am 100% sure he likes people to poop in his face too. Dorothy, he needs a brain. He is afraid of his blessing, let’s give it t someone else. Time is of the essence. I be damn if I let him waste my time on this Earth.