Why We Should Care About Trump’s Taxes – It Is Not What You Think

trumpdcRecently, Donald Trump has come under fire from Hillary Clinton regarding his tax records. She asserts that he has paid little to no tax over the past several years. The liberals argue that he does not really care about the country if he refuses to pay his fair share.

However, Trump and his taxes are not the problem. The establishment politicians writing the tax code are the problem. Hillary and people like her wrote the tax code that contains loopholes for people like Donald Trump. They put those loopholes there to help their wealthy friends, and they should not be surprised when those wealthy people use them.

Hillary has been in Washington for at least thirty years. If she thought the tax code was a problem, she had decades to do something about it. She would have done something long before now.

Instead, she is expecting Donald Trump to pay more in taxes because he wants to, not because he is required to.

Donald Trump pays what he needs to. After that, he puts the loopholes in the tax codes to use. If he has avoided paying any tax, it is because he legally can.

Who do you know that would ignore a loophole allowing them to pay less in taxes? Who honestly thinks, “I could pay less, but I will pay as much tax as I can because I really want the government to have more of my money to put to use.”

I think the answer is obvious — no one.

Hillary Clinton once again proves how hypocritical she is. She also reveals one of the major problems in Washington — the politicians’ service to themselves and their friends through tax loopholes.

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