Try Not to Break Out in a Happy Dance When You Learn Why This Two-Time Obama Voter Now Supports Trump

obama__the_first_year_by_latuff2Lots of folks bought Obama’s Hope and Change promise.

Especially black voters.

Now, after nearly seven years of Obama, many people are realizing the failure of Obama.

In particular, black people.

And surprisingly, many of these folks now support Trump:

This week, a black man who admitted to voting for Obama twice gave his two cents on the Donald. As Gateway pundit reports: Another massive crowd turned out for Donald Trump in Norcross, Georgia on Saturday.

An estimated 10,000 people turned out for the rally.

One Trump supporter outside the rally went off,

“Obama has failed us. We’re taking back America!”

The video is a great watch, and a reminder that in this election, all the conventional wisdom about what a candidate has to do to get elected is going right out the window.  Trump hasn’t been politically correct, but there’s a universality to his call to “Make America Great Again!”  He hasn’t targeted specific sets of minority voters, but he hasn’t transparently pandered to them either.

Here’s the video- check it out!

How about you?

Do you believe Obama has failed, and failed black voters?

Does Trump’s message and promise to “Make America Great Again” appeal to you?

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