Two Key Questions Remain Unanswered in Hillary’s Email

nohillarySo Hillary got a get out of jail free card from the FBI.

Thanks to Hubby Bill’s little airplane meeting with the Attorney General.

Yet, this isn’t over.

Two huge questions remain unanswered:

The past few weeks have brought a myriad of revelations about the private server Hillary Clinton used while she was secretary of state.

First, there was the State Department inspector general’s devastating critique of the former secretary’s email practices. Then came sworn testimony of two key Clinton aides about how the server was set up and how the system worked (or didn’t). Just this weekend, Clinton met with the FBI to discuss her email arrangements. And on Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency would not recommend criminal charges over the handling of these emails, while at the same time offering a brutal assessment of how poorly Team Clinton handled classified information.

But, when it comes to Clinton’s correspondence, the most basic and troubling questions still remain unanswered: Why are there gaps in Clinton’s email history? Did she or her team delete emails that she should have made public?

Let’s trust that Donald Trump keeps asking these two basic questions regarding Hillary’s emails.

Let’s demand that she answer these two basic questions.

Let’s all remind anyone considering voting for Hillary to consider why these two questions remain without any reasonable explanation.

We can all guess and draw conclusions.

Hillary is hiding something she knows will destroy her bid for The White House.

Even without having the answers to these questions, any sane person knows this to be true.

Any sane voter realizing this truth will not, can not, vote for Hillary.

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