U.S. Government to Outlaw Cash?

U.S. Government Waging “War on Cash”… Cash Soon to Be Outlawed? At Least 1 Nation Moving in that Direction… What You Can Do to Prepare…

The U.S. government views cash – paper currency and coins – as an enemy. How else to explain their ongoing “War on Cash”?

Recently, FBI agents raided a convenience store and took $107,702 right from the owner’s bank account. His alleged “crime”? Making two cash deposits of $11,400 in 24 hours.

The FBI told him this violated federal “structuring” laws, so under civil asset forfeiture laws, they had the “right” to seize the money in his account.

This isn’t an isolated case. Civil asset forfeiture laws have already been used extensively to seize cash from Americans.

All It Takes Is Suspicion…

The worst part: You don’t have to commit an actual crime. In the eyes of the government, suspicion is the same as guilt.

Plus, civil asset forfeitures – also known as “policing for profit” – is fully endorsed and supported by the United States government.

Before she replaced Eric Holder as the new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch was a champion of civil asset forfeiture. In fact, her U.S. attorney’s office seized $904 MILLION in cash and private property in just one year.

Lynch is now the head of the Department of Justice, which means she has even more power to facilitate seizures and continue the War on Cash.

Why the Government Hates Cash

The government hates cash because it’s difficult to control, difficult to track and difficult to tax.

The punishment for “excessive” use of cash takes different forms. On a federal level, it’s civil asset forfeiture. But on a state level, legislators have used other methods to tighten the screws.

Legal Tender? Not in This State!

Did you know Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a law that OUTLAWS the use of cash in second-hand transactions?

On the books since 2011, this ridiculous anti-cash law applies to dealers who buy or sell used items more than once a month. As such, it affects antique dealers, flea market sellers, and even folks who buy and sell used goods on eBay or Craigslist.

New Law Would Create “Cashless Society”

Over in Denmark, they’re considering a new law that would allow stores to reject cash and demand electronic payment instead. Some believe this could be the first step toward outlawing cash and creating a new “cashless society.”

What would be the goal of such a move? Nothing less than complete government control over money, including how and when it’s spent.

There’s a good chance this could happen right here in America. As Ron Paul has warned, “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

How You Can Sidestep These Anti-Cash Measures

Act now BEFORE the U.S. government outlaws cash: That’s why I strongly encourage you to get out of cash and into gold.

Gold has been a recognized form of money for thousands of years, and will likely be easier to keep gold out of the clutches of greedy government goons.

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Peter Reagan
Birch Gold Group

Last Thing: As the U.S. government gets increasingly desperate, they will take desperate measures – including a possible ban on cash. Don’t get caught unprepared. Request Your FREE Info Kit on Gold Now.

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