Uh-oh, Ferguson Grand Jury Member Makes Big Mistake

The details surrounding the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown have been murky ever since the small time thug was shot by an on-duty police officer.

That didn’t prevent thousands from taking to the streets to protest his “unjust” killing.

But a recent slip by a member of the grand jury convened to see if a trial should go forward revealed that all their effort might have been for not.

A friend of a member of the grand jury took to Twitter to say that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict embattled officer Darren Wilson.

As soon as the tweet was made, it was removed, but not before several screen shots were taken.

The prosecutor’s office is looking into the matter.

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  • The Police Officer was attacked by this wanna be store robbing thug. So in that he told this wanna be thug to get on the ground, put your hands up. don’t move. All of the things he was supposed to tell a criminal to do, And the Criminal still assaulted the Police officer,. Me I would have shot him as well. 300 plus Pounds big Boy over 6 feet criminal beating on me, You becha (white or Black) ide have emptied my clip into him. Then put in another clip and would have used it if needed too. You People have no Idea what it is to be a Policemen in todays World filled with Criminals. and wanna be gang banger’s. Dope head’s, Coke snorters. Drug user’s, Thieves. Rapist. Perverts. You have no Idea every morning or every hour of the day when a Police officer put’s on his or Her uniform of what he or she thinks about before going to work in this corrupt World we live in. It’s Black on White. Or it’s White on Black. It should not be this way. A Police Officer has a duty to up hold the law. You brake the law, You pay for it. White cop shoots black kid. Riots in the streets brake out. Stores looted, TV’s stolen, And you think this is the right way to settle this matter?? A White kid is shot by three Black kid’s who we’re bored with nothing to do. Nothing said about it. Every time a White Officer shoots a Black Kid or Black wanna be thug, he or she is doing his or her job. If you do not want your Kids being shot, Then keep them at home and not out hanging with the Gang’s and thugs in that they hang with. Teach you Kids to respect the law officer’s. If you think this Officer is not doing a good job, Go too his Commissioner and file a complaint against Him or Her. Why do white people not loot and steal from stores every time a white kid is shot by a black Officer or a another Black Kid??? WHY??? Why did HOLDER go to Missouri, But was unwilling to go to the border in Texas. Why did OBAMA send reinforcements into Missouri, But not to the border States???? Why is OBAMA Still Impersonating the President of the United States of America when he is an INDONESIAN CITIZEN??? Why can’t these People see the truth in this matter that Obama is an Imposter. A Muslim, And a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood. What is wrong with you People.??? GOD help us…
    …—… :-} jop

    • Scarlett

      Blacks do what they do because they are different than us.Its been taught for many years-“we’re all the same”.Not true.We may all be people, but we are not the same.We never should have been forced together.Now we support the majority of them, and they hate us.They will have no white in authority over them.Someone is gonna pay.They would not act this way if they were together without us.

    • DAY8293A

      Don’t forget about the UNARMED 20 YEAR OLD W H I T E MALE SHOT BY A BLACK POLICE OFFICER IN SALT LAKE CITY just after the Ferguson incident. Not a peep from the lame stream media about that one,,, and the kid was just coming out of a store listening to his headphones and did not even see the murdering black cop! Unbelievable no one is following up on this story!!!!

      Utah: Black police officer kills unarmed 20-yr-old white boy …www.politicaljack.com/threads/utah-black-police-officer… Cached
      … Black police officer kills unarmed 20-yr-old white boy. … there’s only like 3 black people in all of utah, and one of them is a police officer. what are the odds?

      • Jamie Hall

        I’ll have to look that one up.

        • DAY8293A

          I am sure you will, because the news media covered it up…. doesn’t follow the libtard propaganda!! There was even a body camera on the black cop showing him murdering the boy,,, but,,, NOT ONE WORD FROM OVOMIT!

    • Scarlett

      I don’t blame him one bit. I would have done the same thing.

    • Frank J Panzer Jr

      many people know this, congess and the house know this but they are afraid, what it is they have no ball at all.a bunch of wossies afraid they may loose their jobs, they been on easy street sucking up our tax dollar, not just the democrates but the republicians also. Sarah Pallin said in washington they have no cohonnies (republician party and she is right) If they can’t do the job impeach them also. I understand being a cop today is tough,but they are using exsesive force and expect respect the general public no way jose you treat people the way you want to be treated. ,the cop acted like a rookie, dosen’t he have a teaser. cops like him give the police force a bad rapI’m talking about the good cops,but the bad ones out number the good ones

      • Oreisha

        You are so full of CRAP!!! bad cops outnumber good ones???? That’s like saying there are more airplane crashes than there are successful flights!!! Black people who DON’T respect the law, just want to get by because they are black, don’t want to take any responsibility for themselves because WE WHITES are all out to get them— yada, yada, yada, boohoo. . There are public schools which they refuse to attend— or are so disruptive they have to be expelled because they cannot be disciplined. There are FREE clinics who teach about birth control– but they continue to screw around with anything that stands still for them, without any idea of being responsible if that produces a baby—- and this goes for the WOMEN as well as the men. Rather than take a job that pays less than $15 per hour–they find it easier to rob, mug or loot. I was raised in an area (small town) where there were both races, and no problems. A black boy was captain of our football team, a black girl was the soloist in our glee club, and we all ate together, played together, worked together, and respected each other. I was never racist, but the way things are going now—- Thank you Obummer, Holder, and crazy AL we whites are getting fed up pretty quick. It isn’t the whites who have to change, it is the BLACKS—- they are the “Masters of their own Fate”. (read, “INVICTUS” by William Ernest Henley=== and live by the message!!!! )

        • Frank J Panzer Jr

          I did fraze it wrong he did act like a rookie never confront a supect alone or with out a backup , as far as bad cops insome cities there are more bad then good.but, the majority as a whole are good nation wide.my comments are mine don’t read them if it offends you

          • Oreisha

            Cops don’t have to call backup to tell someone to get out of the middle of the street– and by that time, the perp was trying to get into the car to grab the cops gun—- he didn’t have time to call back up. But my theory too, is that the kid was shot 3-4 times in the arm, so the cop was trying to stop him from attacking, but the perp kept coming, so to stop him, he shot him in the head. I don’t think this was a bad cop at all–just was’nt given a choice.

          • Frank J Panzer Jr

            never said he was a bad cop I said he acted like a rookie

            In a message dated 1/8/2015 11:58:28 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

            “Cops don’t have to call backup to tell someone to get out of the middle of the street– and by that time, the perp was trying to get into the car to grab the cops gun—- he didn’t have time to call back up. But my theory too, is that the kid was shot 3-4 times in the arm, so the cop was trying to stop him from attacking, but the perp kept coming, so to stop him, he shot him in the head. I don’t think this was a bad cop at all–just was’nt given a choice.” (http://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo) _Settings _ (http://disqus.com/home/notifications/?utm_medium=email) (http://disqus.com/home/account/?utm_medium=email)

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  • James

    There are to many rev. wrights, j. jackson, sharptons, holders there to stir the race card! Then we have prez that aids in the race problem. He wants riots and destruction soon. He wants to declare martial law. To many incidences lead to that thought!

  • barry

    this case is being held in the court of public opinion ,there is no respect for the rule of law,these people dont want justice just another handout.micheal brown was a punk an a thug,an a bully where the left on that crap.we now know that the officer was attacked in his vechicle powder residue was found on the hands an clothes of both an B rowns blood was inside of the officers car. they are so worried that this will explode an just before the elections why are they holding up these finding .ya think that obama an holder are waiting on this.?you bet your butt. they are trying to save it now.

  • James Maxwell

    sounds like someone is trying to continue to stir up racial discord by social media. There was not enough evidence to
    charge the officer because the evidence proved that Michel Brown was guilt as hell and the results indicate that the
    officer did what he had to to protect himself from harm. The wording could be used to incited the mob and inflame the
    community to deny the truth that they know. Michel Brown was a thug as his family has been prove to be also. He
    didn’t fall far from the tree in that respect, he just attacked the wrong person.

  • KingoLingus

    I was TAUGHT by my PARENTS that if an officer stops you, COOPERATE! I know a lot of people who get nervous when they see cops, or when they have a cop car behind them. I say, if you aren’t doing anything wrong then why be nervous!? Had this criminal #1 not have had the altercation in the store NONE of this would have happened. #2 if the criminal had COOPERATED with the police, he would still be alive PERIOD. The ass hole brought on his own death and any of you out there that do not agree are ass holes as well!

    • patriot 86

      Yup ‘ besides what happened in the store ‘ this little punk and a friend were seen walking right down the center of the street shortly before the officer arrived and when told to get on the sidewalk he starts throwing explicitives at the cop .This little thug was just like trayvon and got what he had coming to him .

  • Jj Doodah

    Put him back on duty…there is still a Lot of cleaning-up to do…..

  • Will Harden

    The thing that created the problem was that Mike Brown’s accomplice in the store robbery was listened to as to what happened to Brown.
    Since when is the word of one of the criminals in any robbery, and the related shooting, taken as evidence?
    And lower-class blacks have a street code, “You always back up any story by one of your brothers.”
    It is not that they don’t have any honor, but it is oriented toward the protection of their race against outsiders.

    And Obama’s choice of a new Attorney General, a black lady lawyer, shows the depth of his racism.

    • dcsco

      A black woman AG? His agenda is obvious. Is she a Muslim too? Probably so. Doesn’t she have to be approved first?
      I also read that Holder is being considered for appointment to the SC, but fortunately there are no openings there!
      The insanity is incredible. Background checks and mental competency tests should be required for all elected officials.

      That would eliminate the most dangerous and damaging ones at least.

  • Traditional Logic

    The officer did what any officer would have done if attacked. He had every right to protect himself just as any one of us does. Being black or white has absolutely nothing to do with what happened. There hasn’t been one shred of evidence to show this officer was in any way racist before this unfortunate occurrence. This is just another excuse for rioting and trying to milk the pity pot.

  • Frank J Panzer Jr

    all this hate have you ever shot anyone? or are you just a mouth and have someone else do it for you ,get them all riled up

  • Neal Avery

    The poor grand juror will probably get jacked. The rioters that looted and burned the town will probably go home to Chicago free and clear.