Unbelievable: Congressman Demands More Free Stuff for Illegals

obamacareHealthcare is expensive.

Obamacare has done little to nothing to lower the costs.

But it has reduced the number of uninsured people.

Apparently Obamacare needs more uninsured people to bring down the costs?

Calling all illegal immigrants. Come on in. You’re welcome to get free healthcare.

Rep Luis V. Gutiérrez, one of Congress’ most outspoken advocates for immigrants, on Wednesday called for expanding the Affordable Care Act to cover all of the estimated 11 million undocumented migrants in the United States.

“The goal is to make integration and inclusion real for millions of families that are locked out under current law,” the Illinois Democrat said in a floor speech introducing his proposed legislation.

“As it stands right now, undocumented immigrants are not subject to the individual mandate and cannot buy into health insurance exchanges even if they use their own money.  My legislation will change that.  It says that we stand for inclusion.”

You’re right Rep. Gutierrez, undocumented immigrants aren’t subject to the mandate.

They are unable to buy healthcare coverage in the exchanges.


It’s simple.

They Are Here Illegally.

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