UNCOVERED: ISIS’s Secret Weapon for Recruiting 3,400 People a Day

ISIS has been growing at an astronomical rate, at least for a group that is supposedly made up of ragtag misfit terrorists.

It’s estimated ISIS earns anywhere from $3 to $6 million dollars a day, and are able to grow rapidly because of a secret weapon that was first pioneered here in the U.S.

Watch the following video to see what the weapon is and how it poses a serious threat to military staff and family members.

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  • kerryberger

    Anything Peter King claims to be true is undoubtedly false, particularly if it is broadcasted only on Faux News.

  • burnt press

    I have some of the new “ode to goatsass” scent and a caller that says Allahu Akbar in Arabic.. I think I will do well

  • keepyourpower

    Why doesn’t Facebook and Twitter close these accounts? If they will close accounts about guns…how can they NOT close accounts where the people behead people, and shoot groups dead?

  • keepyourpower

    I still say Obama is ISIS.

    • So is my Aunt Tillie.

      • keepyourpower

        Sorry for her!

  • Mys77

    Just remember, for every one of these idiots, there are thousands of us who are joined against them. And every time one joins them, they are signed up to die, and more people mean it takes more money, more money means some things these idiots are going to have to do without. And like all mad dogs, they soon start fighting among themselves. I would like to see them caged in their sand trap country, cut the power, cut the communication, cut the travel, seal and patrol the borders and cage them in. And let them die a slow death of their own chosing. Take their money and sell them guns that blow up in their faces. Sell them poisoned food, taint the water. In essence play dirty and smart, but play to annihilate, no survivors, or prisoners on this one. I hope we have the stomach for this, pray for our soldiers, they truely are the best of us, and the bravest!

  • pmbalele

    Those recruited are stupid young humans between 18-25 who are usually stupid. This is the age when they think they are little gods who can do anything. They have no idea that they can be killed by bullets. Now the whole world is joining USA against ISIS. It takes only a few to be killed and the rest will surrender. And you wonder what they really are after -virgins.

  • J_R_K

    I gave up on Facebook a few years ago when I discovered that it is populated by a huge majority of people who, if their brains were wrapped up in one package, wouldn’t have enough brains to pour pee out of a boot before sticking their foot in it. Unfortunately, yes, it did weaken some ties with family members…. also unfortunately, some of those family members fit the description I already gave, and TONS of their so-called “friends” were even worse…. I concluded that I need Facebook in my life about like I need a stick in the eye at least once a day. I have never done twitter or what ever that other one is and I just really don’t think I want to even know what “hashtag” means.

    Forums like this one are the only kind of social media I engage in. I do this one because at times, it is fun, but also because it allows me to express my honest opinions without taking any where near the flack one catches for being honest on Facebook. Yes, there are “trolls” hanging out here, but most of them try to engage in unarmed intellectual combat. It makes my day just to let them know they aren’t any smarter than the average walnut.

    Yes, sometimes, I suppose I do come off as a bit of a walnut myself, but, still, this is a lot more fun than hanging out on Facebook, Myspace, or what ever.

    I heard Ravi Zacharias mention that he has a friend who suggest that Facebook, Twitter and You tube should should all consolidate into one social media … they could call themselves “you-twit-face”…. I agree… kids hanging out on Facebook is bad for the kids, bad for families, bad for the national psyche, bad for just about anything decent and most definitely bad for the human race as a whole.

    I’ve felt that way for years. In light of this article, I rest my case.

  • ABBAsFernando

    EVIL doers have been corrupting children since the days of Adam and Eve. We see this manifest itslef today in America’s Public Sxhools abusing children as young as Six to be immoral corrupt homosexual prisoners .The EVIL that is Islam is forced down their throats while Christianity is denigrated, slandered, and mocked. This is on purpose to disrupt their American Heritage, Histroy, and weaken the moral fiber of Freedom the Christian Family Unit. Black fathers were kicked out of black famililes by communist agents pretending to be “helping” them. Planned Parenthood created by Margret Sanger fooled young black women to abort their children due to her hatred of Blacks. Communists who claim to be Democrats despitefully use blacks promising them care from cradle to grave. The only thing they actually get for voting Democrat is perpetual poverty and no work. Frankly I see little to no difference between Southern Plantation Slave Masters and today’s Democrats using blacks to gain and retain power.

    They all have the same thing in common, the excessive love of money.

  • Thomas

    They attack Canada and he still won’t say it’s his brotherhood. I wonder if it was planned in the U.S.