Van Jones: Clinton Campaign Took a Billion Dollars

Saturday at The People’s Summit in Chicago, former Obama green jobs czar and CNN contributor Van Jones ripped Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Jones took aim at the amount of money spent in the losing effort and how that money was spent.

“First of all, I don’t mean to be rude — and I don’t mean to offend anybody,” Jones said. “But the people who ran the Hillary Clinton campaign did not spend their money on white workers, and they did not spend it on people of color. They spent it on themselves. They spent it on themselves, let’s be honest. They took a billion dollars, a billion dollars, a billion dollars, and set it on fire, and called it a campaign! That wasn’t a campaign. That’s not a campaign.”

“A billion dollars for consultants,” he added. “A billion dollars for pollsters. A billion dollars for a data operation, that was run by data dummies who couldn’t figure out that maybe people in Michigan needed to be organized.”


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  • So what Van Jones is saying.. the DNC and the HILLARY team.. basically all Democraps are CORRUPT.. that whole system on the LIBERAL SIDE IS CORRUPT… well I believe we can all agree on that FACT!!!

    • The Redman

      Jes the white-folks. hahahahahahahahahah. coward

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    So Commie Jones throws a comrad under the bus for brownie points!!!

    • The Redman


  • coolman11

    Can’t wait for the donor’s to find out their money was wasted hope they come to collect in one form or another

    • The Redman

      Zit-it, hot mouth. hahahahahhah

  • Mary Moore

    Van Jones is a flaming Communist. Check it out. That was why Obama and Jarrett wanted him to be green czar.

    • The Redman

      What have U done so good while on ya back. may-re. hahahahahhahahahah

  • El Dano

    I think he thinks LIBERALS give a Fook about how much it costs, none of it was their money they are
    just hoping free shit doesn’t dry up, they would get off Trumps case if he would just say free shit is safe.

    • The Redman

      Yep, most white-folks rather steal den get it free, huh. el-dog-breath. haahhahahhahah

  • The Redman

    Most all white-folks love 2 steal money, kill and B killed, inbreed, and lie. hahahahahahahahah