Vets Suffer After VA Promotes Transgender Programs

Under former President Barack Obama, veterans seeking health care though the Department of Veterans Affairs were often neglected or mistreated, but that didn’t stop one VA medical center from bragging about its transgender initiative.

The Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in Ohio was the subject of praise from the LGBT community in 2015 when it announced the opening of a clinic specializing in the care of transgender patients, such as giving them taxpayer-funded sex-change hormones, The Daily Caller reported.

However, when it came to the other 111,000 veterans in the hospital’s care, the VA center failed miserably in providing adequate treatment, including not ensuring that its medical equipment was clean and its employees were properly trained.

“Opening this transgender clinic allows us to continue to provide compassionate care in a space dedicated specifically to transgender veterans,” Susan Fuehrer, the hospital’s director, told The Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2015.

Evan Young, president of the Transgender American Veterans Association, commended the VA for “stepping up their game” with the opening of the Cleveland transgender clinic, according to CBS.

Unfortunately, the hospital had not stepped up its game when it came to the basic care and treatment for the remaining 111,000 veterans who depended on Louis Stokes Cleveland VA, the inspector general found.


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  • Walter Bazner

    Traitors all of the people in charge of VA are.We need to be very agress and march for our Veterans and stop this madness.Step up Mr. President!

    • proudvet

      Step up President, you’ve got to be kidding. Trump the lowlife draft dodging coward doesn’t care about any veterans, it’s all about himself.

      • Art946

        This was done on Obama’s watch. READ the story!! Put the blame where it belongs with Obama’s political correctness.

      • rs1123

        Uh gee, all this started LONG LONG before Trump was elected or even ran for office. Why don’t you go vent your spleen someplace else? The fact that you chose to attack Trump instead of the correct party (Obama) makes me wonder if you’re a vet in the first place.

      • Robert Robertson

        Trump had nothing to do with this. The article states Obama admin. Common Core has messed this country.

  • Julie Smalley

    This is appalling transgender or homosexuals have priority over war wounded vetrans those that are recovering from head injury, blown off limbs lost sight and heading and those experiencing pain have to wait, this is beyond creulty. I pray for my fellow vetrans, and I contribute every chance I get. God bless our troups.

  • JL Brown Jr

    This is insane we can’t get quality health care, but oh yea let’s look at the Transgender program. Each and every one at this facility that had anything to do with this, should be fired.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Naturally; you can’t serve that without taking the funding away from somewhere else. Homosexuality and transgender are CHOICES and should NOT be favored above the needs of other vets,any more than other electives would be.

  • ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING !!!! During my tour of duty I was attacked by a group of “lesbies”……..I still would LOVE to wring their necks !!! Their actions left me with more pain than they can ever imagine…..and now, the VA pats t-g’s on the back ?????????? PUH-LEEZE !!!! Like I said……ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING !!! Mareman 3/22/17

  • John Wirts

    I never used nor wanted plastic surgery, but I understand that during the cold war, military personnel could get elective plastic surgery to help keep the surgeons skills sharp. But I am appalled that anyone would even think to put these crazy mixed up entitled veterans ahead of combat wounded. There are enough service related injuries to keep our military and VA hospitals busy. Any use of these facilities for elective surgeries or office redecorating during our war on terror or any other hot war is misuse of the funding and facilities. Those whio do it need to be dismissed and replaced NOW!

  • Robert Pekarik

    This is the liberal progressive Modus Operandi, stop helping the fighting men and women of our Armed Forces and put all of your efforts into social engineering. The .0001% of our population is more important the the remaining 99.9999%.

  • phil62

    Take good care of the queers and sex changers but to hell with everybody else. You praise the worthless bastards but I will never give them praise.

  • Ron Wanamaker

    this is so low test and rotten, I go to the va if i hear anything like that i will go ballistic

  • Rodney Steward

    To many Obama left overs, as long as this trash is around this country will never get any better!

  • rivahmitch

    Everyone at the Cleveland Center involved in this outrage should be fired. Semper Fi!!

  • jenersea

    These are electives that are not needed. How do you allow Sexual Identity Disorder people to have a sex change operation or to receive hormone treatment and disallow veterans to get things such as eye glasses or dental care?

  • rs1123

    The tail began wagging the dog under Obama. Why is it that these FITH (f***ed in the head) people who make up a tiny tiny fraction of a % of the population get so much attention and money spent on them??

  • John Enea


  • rchguns

    Transgender my ass. You were born as either a male or a female with very few exceptions called hermaphrodites. No one was born gay guy didn’t make sexual perverts, and queers can’t blame somebody else because they’re queer.
    Homosexuality is a choice. If an individual chooses to be a sexual pervert unfortunately in the United States that’s their right but they do not have the right force their stupidity and perversion on the rest of the country.
    These people make up less than 2% of the population and that’s throwing in pedophiles and other sexual deviants. It’s obvious that they know their choices are wrong that’s why they fight so hard to make the rest of the world tell him that it’s okay, that’s normal, and that they needn’t be ashamed. That’s bull shit of pervert is a pervert by choice and as a veteran who’s been fighting to get bona fide treatment for surgical problem created by the VA the very idea that the VA is going to be participating in any transsexual treatments is appalling. They can take care of a legitimate veterans problems they have to be drug into the sewers of sexual perversion.

  • Robert Robertson

    The fact being is at many VA Hospital those that received dishonorable discharges are getting better treatment than Honorably Discharged Vets. In a drug and alcohol rehab for Vets many never even made it through basic training.

  • Cosmic

    Why is it that every time there is a VA scandal, the hospital director is a woman?

  • Mitch Deville

    That’s where it all gone wrong, VA employees suppose to work for us veterans! They have there jobs because of us! And we have to beg for treatment!

    • Cosmic

      That is what I tell them when I have an operation.
      I am not there for their convenience, They are there for mine.

  • The Redman

    NO 1 in their right mind should promote homosexuality, not even white-folks. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha

  • Really ???

    Finding it interesting in these comments at how many are forgetting that our fellow brothers and sisters can be combat vets AND transgendered at the same time. Should we stop treating diabetes or heart issues, alcoholism or drug abuse when they are brought on by choices ? While some of them can be caused without bad decisions we could sure cut down on our costs if we eliminate the ones who smoked, ate garbage food or made a choice to use. It may not be your favorite idea, but that individual may not like seeing others making choices they don’t approve of either. In the end, if they have earned the right to be treated at a VA they have my respect already. And if you were deployed beside one and shit hit the fan would you really care who saved you? Or would you want a trans individual to leave your ass there till a straight white Christian male came along?