Video surfaces of Kaine that has Clinton team on DEFENSE

Advocating for strong border security was good politics and common sense — until Donald Trump decided to run for president and make it a central issue of his campaign.

We reported last week that last Thursday (Sept 29th) marked the 10-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton voting in favor of the construction of a 700-mile fence along the border.

Listen to her husband throughout his presidency and he doesn’t sound too much different from Trump, either.

 During Tuesday’s vice presidential debate, Hillary’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine attacked Gov. Mike Pence over Trump’s immigration plan, stating, “[Trump and Pence] want to go house to house, school to school, business to business, and kick out 16 million people. And I cannot believe that Gov. Pence would sit here and defend his running mate’s claim that we should create a deportation force so that they’ll all be gone.”
And guess what? Kaine, too, was completely fine with border security until Trump’s entrance into politics.

Via HotAir:If you’ve seen Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine talk about illegal immigration recently it’s probably to attack Donald Trump for being too harsh. But earlier today Rich Weinstein, the guy who found many of those infamous videos of Jonathan Gruber talking about the ACA, uncovered this little seen 2012 interview in which Kaine talks tough about illegal immigration and the need for more border security:


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