At Least One Presidential Candidate Voted Against The Absurd 2,242-Page Spending Bill

18669625333_a33219ddf6_bRemember when Nancy Pelosi said this as the rationale for passing the Affordable Care Act:

“We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It”

Well, it’s happened again.

This time the Republicans decided not to read the 2,242 page $1.1 trillion dollar budget bill, and agreed to pass it any way.

Rand Paul showed up and voted no. Here’s his reason why:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Sunday said he voted against the $1.1 trillion government spending bill that passed Congress last week because nobody had a chance to read the behemoth legislation.

“It was over a trillion dollars, it was all lumped together, 2,242 pages, nobody read it, so frankly my biggest complaint is that I have no idea what kind of things they stuck in the bill,” Paul told host John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on New York’s AM-970.

“I voted against it because I won’t vote for these enormous bills that no one has a chance to read,” he added.

“We were given it yesterday or the day before the bill came forward, and so this is not a way to run government. It’s a part of the reason why government is broke.”

It’s interesting that another Republican Presidential candidate rising in the polls, Marco Rubio, simply didn’t show up for the vote.

Maybe he’s still busy reading the bill?

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