Wendy Davis Has a Pretty Creative Excuse for Why She Lost the Race to Be Texas Governor

Wendy DavisTexas pro-abortion campaigner Wendy Davis has lost her bid for governor. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, her campaign manager explained the loss this way:

…Texas is at the center of two issues, immigration and the Ebola scare, that helped drive Republicans to the polls.

If you’re not buying the Ebola excuse, the IJReview has presented its own analysis (which shows among other things, the Davis camp greatly overestimated her appeal to women):

1. Women voted for Abbott at a very high rate.

2. She had a very tough time convincing voters of her accomplishments.

3. Greg Abbott ran a very classy campaign despite Davis’ attacks.

4. Davis’ campaign was visibly funded by outsiders and Texas voters did not like that.

Wendy Davis did not lose the election because of Ebola. She lost because she was a bad candidate and Texans didn’t want her in office. Simple as that.

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