What a True Patriot Looks Like

Though he was unceremoniously gunned down by another veteran, Chris Kyle still reigns as one of the most lethal American soldiers of all time.

The new film, American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper, is based off of Kyle’s best-selling book, which tells the harrowing tales of his many encounters with the enemy.

The new movie, directed by Clint Eastwood, will portray the heroics of Kyle as he made the difficult choices he had to make.

This trailer will give you goosebumps…

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  • Thomas

    What we pay for PC freedom.

  • MegaMouseGW

    I think we should nuke any country that supports terrorism. A couple missiles landing in someone back yard will make them think twice, MAYBE.

    • Jim Spriggs

      Okay, then, let’s start with the United States for supporting terrorist organizations such as those in Chile and Nicaragua in the 70’s and 80’s. Remember, though, many of us who survive will want to get even without thinking twice, or even once.

      • Ludlow Porch

        We supported the lesser of two evils, in both countries. Often, there are only bad and worse to choose from. Kind of like Obama and Hillary.

  • Sue

    I think we should quit invading other countries looking for terrorists that don’t exist, and only creating terrorists after Americans have invaded countries and murdered millions of innocent people. Wars are nothing but a way to make the wealthy more wealthy and those greedy wealthy don’t give a damn about innocent lives nor anyone’s freedom. People need to pull their heads out of their asses and find out what’s really going on instead of yelling ‘f’ing terrosists’. The only terrorists we have is the CIA and the Pentagon that takes orders from the UN which is controlled and operated by the most wealthiest bastards on this planet. And please don’t tell me to watch what I say or the FBI will be knocking on my door. My country killed me the day I was born and I don’t give a damn anymore. Please read my book, Triumph Over Tragedy’ FBI and you’ll know why I’m pissed especially after the latest incident of being assaulted in my own home, falsely arrested, prosecuted, spent $thousands, and sentenced to jail after being f’ed over by a corrupt attorney and judicial system. And everyone thinks the Ferguson supporters should be pissed and raising hell for supposedly injustice? I HAVE NEVER SEEN JUSTICE IN MY 60 YEARS OF LIVING ON THIS PLANET!!!

    • Buckindaburg

      Sad to hear such bitterness from a 60 year old. You have a problem with wealthy entities, which is ludicrous unless they have taken your wealth in order to become wealthy. How is it possible to take wealth from poor people? Not to imply that you are poor…but that seems to be the battle cry of anyone that feels they are under loved, over worked and under paid.
      At 60, it’s surprising that you find corruption in govt. entities. That exists in every realm on the planet and is one of the greatest dangers of large govt. It becomes so large that sooner or later, selfish people come into positions of power and create chaos.
      So, not knowing how you were assaulted in your own home, I cannot comment. However, IF you were messed over and you feel that everyone that had a hand in it is corrupt, perhaps you need to think hard about why you were singled out and set upon by all those corrupt folks.
      Meanwhile, I cannot say exactly what you are looking for…but on a relative basis, I will continue to believe that here in this country, we have the best place on the planet to live. Certainly there is corruption and one of the wisest of men to have ever walked explained that we will always have poor among us. But Sue…not everyone that became wealthy is corrupt. If you truly believe that ALL wealthy people are so, you seriously need to seek help to get your head screwed on a little tighter. Paranoia is a serious disorder.

    • Ludlow Porch

      You truly are a Bleeding Heart Liberal!

  • ABBAsFernando

    VIVA Vlad the Impaler who stopped Muslim Barbarians cold by what he did to Muslim terrorists.