This U.S. Ally Thinks Obama is Worst President Ever

USIsraelAlthough President Barack Obama still has above-average approval ratings from American Jews, the same is not true in Israel. In fact, a new poll published in the Jewish Journal found that people living in the Holy Land are highly critical of Obama and how he has dealt with foreign relations that affect their country. Israelis consider him the worst American president in terms of relations with Israel over the past 30 years.

According to IJReview:

Nearly two in three Israelis see Obama as a bad foreign president when it comes to their homeland, four times that of the second-worst president, Jimmy Carter.

Presidential political ideology doesn’t seem to have an impact on whether or not an American president has done a good or a bad job for Israel. The survey respondents still hold fellow Democrat Bill Clinton in high regard for his work cultivating relations with Israel and the Palestinians during the 1990s, despite coming out in recent months against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over his “unwillingness to seek peace.”

Clinton is viewed as the best American president for Israeli relations by 37 percent of respondents, closely followed by George W. Bush with 33 percent. Only three percent of respondents believe Obama has been the best president for Israel during that same period.

Israelis have been decidedly turned against President Obama throughout much of his presidency, with many of them viewing his administration as “pro-Palestinian” rather than “pro-Israeli” or neutral toward the two factions.



One of the most detrimental factors affecting Israeli public sentiment may be the pending Obama nuclear proliferation deal with Iran. Prime Minister Netanyahu has made his opposition to the plan clear, and his spokesman recently tweeted the following:


Obama and Netanyahu have been increasingly estranged since the Israeli leader accepted an invitation from Speaker John Boehner to address a joint session of the American Congress. President Obama made his displeasure clear, and refused to attend the session.

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