The 1 Thing that Gets Bipartisan Support is Actually Unconstitutional

2303197115_0a04a1a0ba_oAmazing, isn’t it?

The ONE thing that earns bipartisan support is preserving the unconstitutional Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act violates the basic rights to privacy, and bypasses fundamental checks and balances in the judicial system. It permits unlawful detention without cause. It allows access to information without a warrant.

Politicians of all stripes, both Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative, lack the courage to risk the potential of a terror attack under the cover of The Patriot Act, and fail to uphold their oath of office to protect the Constitution.

Rand Paul made a stance against The Patriot Act. His fellow so-called conservative Republicans blasted Paul for his stance.

Really, Brit? Confused about which party he’s running in?

It seems Rand Paul’s protection of Americans’ Constitutional rights doesn’t sit well with the majority of Republicans.

Maybe it’s that the majority of Republicans are confused about what’s a conservative stance?

Does being a Conservative mean fear-mongering and support of endless war?

Or does a Conservative boldly and bravely stand up and protect the Constitution?

What really makes The Patriot Act so dangerous is that it absolves politicians of accepting any responsibility in the event of a future terrorist attack. It provides perfect and blanket coverage for politicians to cover up and deny anything and everything that could or actually does happen.

Rand’s action may indeed cost him the Republican nomination for President. But it opened the dialogue to question The Patriot Act. No, it didn’t kill it, and the USA Freedom Act perhaps confused the issue even more.

But rather than simply automatically renewing The Patriot Act, at least the debate has started.

It’s going to take baby steps to reverse the power granted under The Patriot Act.

Let’s keep the debate going and support real conservatives.

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