When You See the Bizarre Connection to Obama’s Approval Rating and Unemployment Rates You’ll be Stunned

obamaPresident Obama was the champion of 2008. When he ran around promising hope and change people really did believe he was going to come through for them.

But now, it turns out most Americans aren’t so convinced he was the right choice.

Six years down the road he’s proven to his supporters that not only was hope and change just a pipe dream, he’s actually done more harm than good to the average American family.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

One thing you might find surprising is right now the jobless rate during Obama’s presidency is at an all-time low.

But even these numbers are up for debate. The jobless rate usually only applies to people who are looking for work. As each day goes by there are fewer people seeking jobs. Mainly because they just can’t stomach going out and being rejected yet again.

Now here’s the rub. Just because the jobless rate has fallen doesn’t mean Americans are experiencing a better quality of life.

Quite the opposite is true.

Since he took office the poverty rate has continued to climb. So while people might have jobs, they’re definitely not making more money.

Which would explain why the president has his lowest approval ratings since coming to office.

How can any president count their tenure as being even mildly successful while income continues to evaporate and taxes go up?

What’s that, you didn’t realize taxes went up?

Just kidding, of course you already knew they’ve been climbing.

Again thanks to Obama.

Obama has tried to implement as many as 442 separate tax increases since he took office six years ago. His crow,ing achievement when it comes to taxes was having Obamacare passed into law as a tax. (This is the only way the courts would approve it.)

And while he and his cronies championed Obamacare as a “fix all” to America’s healthcare problems, it just isn’t so.

If it was, then he would have at least nominally better approval ratings.

But now people are being presented with the new sticker prices on their healthcare and are reacting in disgust.

While liberals like Obama, Pelosi and Reid all talk a big game about how much they’ve done for the country, there’s just no proof to back up those claims.

Come election time conservatives can only hope to pick up the seats needed to offer some resistance to Obama and his henchman.

If they don’t, it could be a really long two years until 2016.

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