Who Trump is Really Running Against – It Is Not Crooked Hillary

Donald TrumpAt a campaign event in Fairfield, Connecticut, Donald Trump made it clear who the real opponent is this election season – not “Crooked Hillary,” but rather, the biased mainstream media.

“Honestly, I’m not running against crooked Hillary Clinton, I’m running against the crooked media,” he announced to the Connecticut crowd. He is not wrong either — countless false stories about Donald Trump and articles twisting his words have been all over the Internet so far this election season, and it is the primary issue Trump feels his campaign faces.

Trump has threatened to revoke the New York Times’s press credentials at his rallies and press conferences if they continue their unfair and untrue reporting. He has already banned several other media outlets including The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

The Donald also took to social media, as he often does, to express his frustration over the media’s portrayal of him.

This really opens up the question of how far does freedom of the press really go. Does it allow the media to have a free for all and report everything as Gospel truth, even if it is false? Or does it have limits when no truth is being reported and opinions are presented as facts?

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  • Veritasss

    Of course, press has the freedom to report anything it wants, just like the Onion (if you haven’t read that yet, look it up–it’s a hoot!).

    Of course, if you want NEWS, then look elsewhere. The press no longer reports news, or at least it throws in just little enough to keep their licenses (are they licensed?–maybe truth should be somewhere in the qualifications for a license).

    Maybe that’s why the word ‘MEDIA’ has come to replace the term ‘News’. Mainstream Media–bought and sold like a grade B movie with an audience to match, fluoridated brains and all.

    THINK, people, THINK! Ask yourself, “Hmmm, who do I want to be my president, a flawed man or a psychopathic murderess?”

  • BJ

    thank you….have stopped listening to, and/or believing in objective press….formerly thought PBS was objective, and they are not. David Brooks, Mark Shields, Gwen Ifill, and Judy Woodward have been extremely surprising in biased analysis! Astonishingly, they have followed DNC’s talking points, and one has to wonder where these people’s heads are…..dumb! It’s money, I forgot!