TV Host Says This Man is “Dark Horse” to Represent Republicans in 2016

Tea_PartyWho will the most conservative wing of the Republican party support in 2016? It’s probably much too soon to know, but it’s interesting to watch the mainstream press explore the subject. Meet the Press host Chuck Todd said recently that he believes the race among conservative activists is between Senator Rand Paul and neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

An article in the Washington Examiner reports on Carson’s increasing high profile:

In a New Year’s interview on “Today,” Todd said what many conservatives in early primary and caucus states have been claiming for months: Carson is a top-tier dark horse.

“He has got this huge following in the conservative wing of the party and he has already popped big in some of these polls,” said Todd, after noting that Paul is in the “pole position” in what is expected to be a big group of GOP candidates.

Meanwhile, the Carson political machine is gearing up for the primaries. The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has set up a Carson for President Victor Center in Johnson, Iowa.

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