Why Do We Still Live In Fear Almost a Decade and a Half After 9/11?

911It’s been nearly 15 years ago now.

Yes, the images and thoughts of 9/11 will be permanently seared in our collective memories, yet why do we accept living in fear?

Take a moment and read this article at The Globalist:

The real mystery is why the collective U.S. psychosis that followed 9/11/2001 has endured for so long, rather than subsiding. Is there an element in the national mindset that makes American society peculiarly susceptible to this phenomenon?

A few candidates do come to mind. The country’s historical invulnerability to attack is one of them. After all, with the historic exception of Pearl Harbor, the United States has not experienced a violent assault on its territory since 1813.

Moreover, it has not faced a concrete threat over those 200 years, other than the abstract danger of nuclear strikes from the Soviet Union. Notably even the conscious fear of the Bomb itself gradually wore off by the end of the 1960s.

Why do we allow fear of terror attacks guide our thinking?

Why do we allow our politicians to use this fear against us?

When will we have the courage to again choose freedom?

Isn’t it interesting that the two leading Presidential candidates- Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump- promise to deliver more fear rather than asking us to live in freedom?

Isn’t it interesting that any real conversations about the War on Terror now take a back seat to charges of racism and gun control?

Yes, 9/11 was horrific and a wake up call for the United States.

It was a call to choose freedom.

When will we do it?


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