Will a Hillary Presidency Break America?

whitehouseCan we really afford to elect Hillary Clinton as President?

Even though she escaped FBI indictment and having to answer for her sloppy and potentially illegal use of email and handling classified information, a cload of questions still remain.

Why the need for email secrecy?

Why did she destroy all the emails?

Why did she lie about what she did?

What is she really hiding?

So – to summarize – we have hard evidence of the potential for an inappropriate relationship between Hillary Clinton’s State Department and The Clinton Foundation – after she had pledged that this would not occur. We have The Justice Department¬† – led by Clinton appointee Loretta Lynch – implicitly blocking The FBI’s probe of The Clinton Foundation’s dealings (for, among other reasons, the timing could be viewed as “politically motivated.” We have a State Department Inspector General who is silent.. and a State Department public relations person who has stonewalled so much, even the American press corps has grown frustrated… and the mainstream media on TV will be running stories on Trump’s poll numbers, his apparent ‘resignation’ to losing, and his “friends and family” economic plan.

Is it any wonder an increasingly frustrated majority of Americans do not trust Hillary, the establishment, and the status quo’s American Dream? Simply put, the lengths by which strings are being pulled to ensure a Clinton presidency may well turn out to the straw that broke the camel’s back of public restraint… especially if GDP, productivity, US corporate revenues, and construction spending is a more accurate picture of economic reality than the goal-seeked narrative-confirming payrolls data.

With Hillary as President, how can we have faith in Rule of Law?

How can Hillary expect that any government issued economic data- jobs reports, GDP, government spending- will be dismissed as fiction by the public?

How can a damaged Hillary have any credibility as a President?

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