Republicans in Congress Now Have a Less Ambitious Goal for Obamacare. Soon We’ll Call Them Democrats.

Repubs Target ObamacareIf there is a single issue uniting Republicans, it is the opposition to Obamacare. The most conservative wing of the party want the whole law repealed, but it appears most of the party leadership now have a more modest goal. They want to gut the program by passing laws to modify the Affordable Health Care Act, piece by piece. North Carolina Senator-elect Thom Tillis recently talked to Fox News about his party’s plans to strip away the most damaging aspects of Obama’s healthcare fiasco.

Tillis described the bureaucratic nightmare Obamacare presents to businesses. It is adding to the national debt, and taking away from American citizens their right to manage their own healthcare needs. He, like many in the new Congress, believe the approach most likely to succeed in dealing with Obamacare is to “strip away the most damaging parts” of the law.

In Tillis’ opinion, the party “needs to go center right,” enlisting support from Democratic lawmakers whenever possible. When asked if he expects to have enough support to override a presidential veto, Tillis said he believes there will be enough votes. He hopes, however, the president will recognize there are aspects of the law that should never have been included.

Tillis says the Republican-led House under Speaker Boehner has generated a lot of good legislation. The problem is the Democratically-controlled Senate never let it come to a vote. Now Leader McConnell will re-establish order, and they will finally be able to send new laws to the president’s desk. He hopes to see Congress restore the 5-day workweek, and start being productive again.

The host reminded Tillis that he’s already taking shots from the right. The Tea Party is disappointed in him. “We need patience and confidence in our leaders,” he responded, and he hopes the Tea Party won’t take shots at the new Congress before people are even sworn in.

Finally, the host asked what we are all wondering: “Are you optimistic this will be a more productive Congress?”

“Yes,” Tillis responded definitively.

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