Will Obama Get His Last Wish as President?

2175936409_b0eff591f7_zMake no mistake, Hillary Clinton is twisting in the wind.

Her Presidential aspirations are hanging on by a thread.

The evidence is mounting as the FBI wraps up its investigation of Hillary’s use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

As a result, Trump smells blood. The media is finally unable to avoid the issue.

Hillary’s chance of winning the Democratic Party nomination and actually getting elected President are sinking fast:

Would President Obama allow the Justice Department to indict his former secretary of state? I used to think “no.” But I now believe the answer to that question depends on only one factor — is Hillary beating Trump?

Every Washington insider knows that Obama has no love or loyalty for Hillary.

I’m betting if Obama senses Hillary is a sinking Titanic — and he still has time before the convention — he will throw her under the bus.

At this point, I would guess the president gives Hillary a choice that is no choice at all. Be indicted, lose the presidential race, and risk a long jail term, or announce to the world that your cough has become a real medical issue and you will have to decline the nomination, then receive a presidential pardon.

That means all her delegates become free agents and a new nominee can be substituted at the Democratic convention in July.

I’ve always predicted Obama would prefer Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren as the nominee, or the combination of Biden/Warren. He may yet get his wish. But this much I know:

Hillary is sinking faster than the Titanic.

As Trump gains ground in the polls versus Hillary, Obama will quickly yank Hillary’s lifeline to the Presidency.

He’ll do it to save the Democratic Party and to preserve his legacy.

And, to get the final payback against The Clintons.

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