Will Sally Yates Run?

Sally Yates is attracting the attention of a Democratic Party desperate for fresh leadership and fixated on standing up to President Trump.

The 56-year-old former U.S. deputy attorney general kindled interest in her political future after she delivered poised, commanding testimony before a Senate subcommittee, during which her Republican interrogators tried futilely to trip her up.

In a memorable exchange, Yates sparred with Sen. Ted Cruz. The Texas Republican, a talented constitutional lawyer who has won several Supreme Court cases, grilled Yates her decision not to enforce Trump’s executive travel ban. She stood her ground, insisting that the Constitution was on her side.

Democrats were still talking about it on Tuesday.

“Yates has an impressive record of public service working under both Republican and Democratic administrations for the past 20 years, and she’s demonstrated courage under fire on a national level,” Democratic operative Ed Espinoza said. “Standing up to Trump and schooling Ted Cruz indicates she has the chops for a rough and tumble political campaign. But does she have the will for one?”

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source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/sally-yates-sparks-interest-of-democrats-desperate-for-fresh-leaders/article/2622548

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  • Media Scrutiny

    Funny, Breitbart’s Editor in Chief, Joel B. Pollak, addressed this very subject on Tuesday. Following is an excerpt from his in depth, well-written article:
    “One would not know that from the liberal media, which thinks Yates won the exchange, but Cruz proved his case decisively.
    Here’s why — in short: Cruz brought up the law that authorized the executive order, and Yates did not recognize it. She then answered by referring to another law, which does not supersede the first. She then tried to argue that the order was unconstitutional, but Cruz pointed out that her argument was a partisan one, driven by her own policy views. She then claimed no court would enforce the order — which is contradicted by the fact that one actually did.
    The left thinks Yates won the exchange because she was well-prepared with a set of talking points, and offered a snappy response. That shows how desperate Democrats are to salvage something out of the hearing — which failed to produce any new evidence to back up their Russian conspiracy theories — and also how urgently they need to find new champions.”

  • Jmanjo

    She is another lying liberal . Why would the liberals want to run another loser! Especially another lawyer that doesn’t know the law very well.