Will the Next President Cut Social Security Benefits?

Bad News For Social Security and Medicare07.16.2015 by Michael Ford, Stansberry Research

The 2016 presidential race is heating up, and politicians are already talking about the subject of “Social Security reform…”

But don’t be fooled – this seemingly innocuous phrase hides the true intention of this political rhetoric: Social Security cuts.

For example, Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina, who is pegged to run for the republican ticket, recently told a reporter:

“I’m going to ask [people] to give up a little bit to make sure the system doesn’t fail. If we don’t, the baby boomers are going to wipe out Social Security and Medicare. We’ll become Greece.”

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Social Security Benefits

Graham has been proposing cuts to Social Security for at least a decade, citing the inability of the government program to remain solvent in the future… and he’s not the only one.

President Obama was under fire for a major Social Security cut he outlined in the White House’s 2015 budget proposal.

Seniors were outraged when the Obama administration proposed a new cost of living adjustment (COLA), which some experts say would have cost seniors “thousands of dollars in benefits over their lifetimes.”

But few people realized that there was another proposed cut to Social Security, buried much deeper in the White House document…

On page 150, in black and white text, the White house said it intends to “eliminate [the] aggressive Social Security claiming strategies” that some Americans are using to maximize their Social Security benefits.

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When Collecting Social Security

Most Americans don’t realize this, but there are real and proven ways to dramatically boost your social security payments. And all of these options are still available – because Obama’s Social Security cut proposals never made it into law.

For example, one couple from Boston used a simple strategy that earned them an estimated $50,000 extra from Social Security in just four years.

One of the experts on these claiming strategies is Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff  a Boston University professor and former economic advisor to Ronald Reagan.

Dr. Kotlikoff says there are several totally legal and easy ways to boost your Social Security payments. You just have to understand how these strategies work, and how to put them to use.

Dr. Kotlikoff has written much more about this subject. To learn more about the specifics on how to boost your own Social Security payouts, before Congress threatens to shut them down, go here.

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    The bigoted psycho obama needs more money to give to illegals & islamic terrorists like isis & Iran–* it is takes money to make a nuke & PSycho will furnish it-Its your money He’s using Folks

    • Dudley DoRight.

      When you put a nigga under the hood, the entire car is no good.

  • vladilyich

    Let’s all be honest here. The RNC goal for the past 25 years, from RINOs to Tea Partiers, has been not to cut Social Security, but to eliminate it entirely (they keep calling it an “entitlement” rather than a trust fund). That way the $2.8-Trillion that is currently sitting in the fund will be available for such things as the wanted war with Iran to trying to get the F-35 to actually fly.

  • KingDon

    I’m 73 years old, I paid into social security until I retired at the end of last year. I am “entitled” to receive money from the “trust fund” and not have it given to those who never paid, who are here illegally, or simply show up on our shores or cross the borders without being invited. To all empty suit politicians either in Washington or who are heading that way: KEEP YOUR FILTHY MONEY-GRABBING HANDS OFF OF MY MONEY! If you want to cut anything, cut those extravagant, unearned benefits you jokers have.

  • The Fox

    If any president cut’s SS they prove they are liars and cheats as we invested our money not donated our money to the government for when we retire and expect a return on that investment and not a government benefit in any way. We were promised a return on that investment but, LBJ decided we didn’t matter he needed our money to fight the War in Nam and his social programs and the government has been raiding it ever since and this is a crime and someone needs to give a account for this corruption and go to jail or hung, which ever is cheapest.

    • shirley

      cut out the presidents an his wife retirement pay it is outrageous to pay them that amount for the rest of his life an then his wife get it when he passes away for the rest of her life ,they need to live on the piddling amount that the rest of us get to live on


    It will depend on who the next President is if social security is cut. obama has stolen millions (maybe billions) to pay for obamacare. Those funds should be in a separate account where no one can touch it except for social security recipients. That should have been done from the beginning.

    • shirley

      it was not to be touched by anyone , but they borrowed it anyway an as you know when you let someone borrow your money do not expect to get it back, this is why I have a rule do not let anyone borrow anything that is mine unless I never want to see it again


        You are right but the government has been dipping into it for years and years. Probably since it was first started. You have a good rule because that is the quickest way to lose a friend – to lend money – or to a family member. I don’t loan money to anyone either and it is a good policy. That’s what banks are for.

  • I’m checking out the program the Canadians have. I believe they just cut out the Federal government and a fund that was headed south can’t do anything wrong today. Their secret…..they cut the government out of the equation.


  • LibertyLover1776

    Perhaps the better question is “will the next President have the stones to return Social Security to the status of a private fund (protected from government usage) and undo LBJ’s dirty work”?