Will This ONE Thing Doom Trump?

5440002785_f802ecea99_oDonald Trump continues rising in the polls.

After two debates, he keeps gaining.

Regardless of who he insults, his support grows.

His lack of specific details on policy and the issues other than immigration control has not hurt him.

But could this one thing derail the Trump Train?

The GOP has finally muscled its maverick front-runner,Donald Trump, into submission. A Trump adviser said on Thursday the billionaire has agreed to sign the Republican “loyalty pledge” he famously refused at the first debate in Cleveland last month, apparently ruling out a scenario that utterly terrified the GOP establishment: that Trump would launch a third-party bid and almost certainly deny Republicans the White House. With the stroke of a pen, Trump will put these fears to rest—and immeasurably weaken his own standing. He’s probably signing his political death warrant.

Will the GOP establishment muscle out Trump?

The longer Trump lasts and gains traction in the polls, the more difficult it will be.

Trump appears to be a force.

Like it or not.



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