WINNING: Trump Humiliates Clintons

Sure, President-elect Donald Trump may have beaten the Clintons at the ballot box, but he’s also beating them in other ways, too.

According to NPR, Trump announced on Christmas Eve that he would be shutting down the Donald J. Trump Foundation before he becomes president.

“It’s significant in that it’s showing him, in a very small way, trying to get rid of some of the conflicts of interests and conduits for influence peddling which surround him,” said The Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold, who has reported on the foundation.

The Clinton Foundation, meanwhile? Still up and running.

According to an interview on Breitbart Radio, the site’s Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer discussed how this shows the difference between Trump and the woman she defeated.

“I’ve got to tell you, this is what leadership looks like,” Schweizer said. “Consider what Donald Trump has done voluntarily. This is not something that was imposed on him by somebody else. In the case of the Clintons, you know Barack Obama forced the Clintons into doing a lot of things they didn’t want to do, when she became secretary of state.”


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  • The Redman

    Trump-ah-hump will B the real reason for america to fail, and he will have lots of stupid, hater, white-folks as followers until its 2 late, and they discover his agenda.

    • Howleyesque

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    • Sean Kelly AKA Juan Valdez

      Your “Great President” Oh’Bummer will be the only POTUS that’s legacy will be as being the only president elected not once, but twice souly (misspelled on purpose) on the “color of his skin”! Now that’s a legacy!

      We won’t even discuss his spending MORE THAN all Presidents before him COMBINED! Legacy…

      Racially dividing our nation more than any administration after the civil rights movement… Now that’s legacy! Then again coming from the so called “inner city” of the south side of Chicago, it comes as no surprise to the vast majority of Americans.

      Hindsight is 20/20!

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      • The Redman

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    • tellitlikeitis

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      • The Redman

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      Just another sore loser and unhinged Dem! You’ve been losing elections since 2010, why aren’t you getting the message?

      • The Redman

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  • Bigmanuger

    The difference between the Clintons and Trump is that the Clintons are treasonous criminals. The Hildebeast sold government avows,deals whatever you want to call it, for money. The two of them are as corrupt as any crime family anywhere. Trump on the other hand may be a lot of things but corrupt evil traiter is one of them. I hope and pray that the new attorney general initiates a investigation into the Clinton Crime machine and if the evidence is there and they are found guilty they go to prison for a long time. An example needs to be set to polititions in this country. An example that people entrusted with the public trust are held to a high standard and violation of that sacred trust will have sevear consequences. I pray that our new POTUS has the strength and fortitude and support to DRAIN THE SWAMP., in DC and all that other states follow the example and drain the swamps in state capitals and cities across the land.

  • OnlyTruthFirst

    It is sad that the only folks that are racist are those that identify human beings by their color. It is my opinion, that there needs to be accountability and professional discussions on subjects that effect all Americans, and no backroom deals should be allowed. Any and all laws should be made available to all politicians and the American public for review at least 72 hours before being voted on. And no law should be more than 100 pages to avoid the piling on of multiply regulations and/or laws, that have nothing to do with the main law at issue. Politicians should not be allowed to have any ACTIVE foundation / charity (directly or indirectly) to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. If they have one, it’s books should be made open to the public at all times during their tenure, like Harry Reid, John Kerry, The Clintons, and all others with a detailed history on the origin of all deposits made to the foundation. Also, an annual audit should be mandatory on those foundations where an elected official is actively servicing or holding an office in a government capacity. The media needs to be liable for what it prints and reporters for what they say, when it is baseless and void of any facts. Basically, truth harbors no ill will and everyone’s views should be respected that are based on facts, and not on someone’s baseless agenda. Have a Happy New Year!

  • Shelba Herring

    obama didn’t force the clintons to do anything, they were willing participants in his schemes, they went along with him because she was assured that she would be our next president and she knew she wouldn’t have to answer for anything she did