You Won’t Believe What We (Didn’t) Find in Clinton’s Tax Return

Hillary Linked To Secret Account


A closer look at financial disclosures reveals that Hillary and Bill have added between $1 million and $2 million to special tax-free accounts since 2012.

Benghazi. The email scandal. Now this…

Hillary Clinton—who blasted Donald Trump’s tax plan as “tax cuts for millionaires”—has now been lined to a controversial tax-free investment account.

In fact, a close look at Hillary’s financial disclosure report (form 278) shows that… not only do Hillary and husband Bill own several of these accounts… but they’ve now added between $1 and $2 million since 2012.

While these accounts are 100% legal and have been used in the past by presidents JFK and Franklin D. Roosevelt, they remain controversial. That’s because big banks invest billions into these high-earning accounts… yet choose to pay next to nothing to average Americans.

To reveal the truth about these little-known accounts (including who is using them), a former bank insider has agreed to appear on camera.

For the moment, this presentation is available to the general public here, and I’d strongly recommend you watch it right now.

Watch The Presentation Here:

Watch The Video >>

UPDATE: It may come as no surprise to you that two of Hillary’s top donors—Citigroup and JPMorgan—have stored a combined $14.3 billion inside these secret accounts.

Take a look at this presentation for free, right now.

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