Woman Complains about Man in Women’s Locker Room – Then the Unthinkable Happens


In Midland, Michigan, a member at the Planet Fitness gym was shocked recently to see a man come into the women’s dressing room while she was getting undressed. But when she went to the front desk for assistance, she started a chain of events that ended with her gym membership being cancelled by the company.

Yvette Cormier had no experience with transgender issues, and was completely taken aback by the situation. She says she couldn’t believe her eyes:

I was stunned and shocked. He looked like a man. He did not look like a woman.

This is very unprofessional. This is very scary.

Cormier immediately went to the front desk, and they explained the person in question self-identifies as a woman. She then approached the corporate office, which gave her the same response, say Cormier.

They told me the same thing, that he was allowed in there because that’s the sex he wants to be.

Cormier says she realizes some people self-identify as the opposite gender, but the fact that this person looked so much like a man caught her off guard.

The gym cancelled her membership for violating the company’s policy of being a “Judgement Free Zone.”

At this point, Cormier does not want to get her gym membership restored. Instead, she just wants to make other women at this gym aware of the situation, because she says Plant Fitness did not warn her.

In response to a request from a local television station, the company said Cormier’s concerns about gender identify were inappropriate, and her talking about the situation with other members was disruptive.

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  • raised in omaha 60-70

    If I was her I would post it wherever I could. I wouldn’t blame her if she file a criminal complaint saying this guy ogled and behaved like a guy to her. I would bring it up whenever I could. I wouldn’t rest,,,,,,,
    I’m sure a lawyer could drum up any number of reasons to Sue Planet fitness. I Intend to everyone I know. I would cancel my membership right now.

    • David in MA

      Just the lawsuit being filed would prompt an out of court settlement.

  • Dan Wil

    Hopefully Planet Fitness membership suffers for letting men into the women’s locker room.
    When anyone can choose to be whatever gender they want based upon their feelings at the time, society as a whole suffers.
    If “HE” had really chosen to be recognized as a woman then “HE” would at least attempt to appear as a woman. At what point does Planet Fitness plan to verify gender identity against voyeurism?

    • WilliamHarrington

      So far no one has mentioned castration as a way to correct the situation.

      • wsurfs .

        You just did and that’s a great idea…! ;D

      • Franie

        Still doesn’t matter, the intruder is a MAN in a woman’s locker room. I don’t give a crap if he FEELS like a woman. What kind of crap is that? Those idiots at Planet Fitness ought to be severely boycotted!! Actually, they ought to be put out of business. That’s a dangerous policy in crappy political correctness scenario. The hell with political correctness. It’s ruining our country. Planet Fitness has no business being in business. Period.

      • billdeserthills

        Sounds very affordable & quick

      • dragon5126

        castration is what IT wants… just not the way IT deserves.

    • Franie

      That’s just the question here – how does anyone know that it’s not just voyeurism on display? Does that mean that a woman can walk into a male dressing room just because she FEELS like a man? Hmm?

      • Judy McKinney

        What woman would want to? Or, if she is mentally ill enough to think she’s a man, how is “it” going to use the urinal? That should be interesting.

  • Leo Sebastian

    That’s how madness begins .

  • snowyriver

    Remind me to never go to this brand name gym ! Remind me to never go to Michigan !

  • Is there any place left on this @#$% planet where it is safe from that %^&*?

    • David in MA

      Yes, in my home.

  • Maybe “he” was Scottish. Maybe he thought the “LADIES” sign said “LADDIES”.

  • Finder1009

    Dumb shit PC idiots. If it has male parts, it should use the male locker room. Female parts. Female locker room. problem solved. anyone who cannot identify the the sex of their “private parts’ should not be in a public locker room.

    • Rev. Phillip Meacham

      if they are going to let these perverts in any place whether a locker room or a rest room they should be required to furnish separate rooms for these people. If my wife called me and said a transgender homosexual walked into the locker room or rest room with her the next time it had to pee it would have to sit down when I got finished with them

      • dragon5126

        lets not be judgmental here, this is distinctly a medical issue, and until these sickos have the appropriate parts loped off with a pruning shears and are properly altered to match what in their twisted minds, they think they are, and have finished their psychiatric therapy they do NOT belong in public restrooms or any other gender specific location such as a locker room. and if these twisted individuals don’t realize they are violating the MAJORITIES rights then they need to be sued by those who are not being altered for civil rights violations, along with those who are empowering them. Lets face it until fully altered they are not medically what they claim to be.

    • phillysmart

      I agree, but the dems want to eliminate gender altogether. thats what they are teaching our kids. The perverts are running the show. No longer put mother and father on birth certificates SMH

      • Finder1009

        anyone who actually thinks there is no difference between men and women need either, a wig tapper or an eye doctor.

        • phillysmart

          Sick confused individuals who think they know better than nature

    • dragon5126

      here is the hard part with that logical stance, would you want one ogling your equipment?

  • Frank

    She should have immediately offered to help with penis removal surgery. Insanity is bursting out everywhere! If I were a woman, why would I ever go to this absurd place?

    • David in MA

      To ogle like they do?

  • Lee

    If they want to let men think they are women, then give them their own locker room. Same goes for a woman that thinks they are a man. I don’t want to be in any locker room with any phony declaration by anyone that doesn’t know what they are or what they want to be. It is bad enough (uncomfortable) being in a locker room with a gay person, yet someone from the other gender.

    • David in MA

      Yup, a “his”, “hers” and “theirs”, with depictions of a female, a male & a question mark on the door.

    • 10-Nov-1775

      There should be three changing / bath rooms: Mens, Ladies, and Others. Period. No confusion.

  • BJM2

    I am supportive of all humans being who they are or feel they are. I wish I had more information on this. If this was a man who identifies with being a woman and dressed completely like a woman, then that is fine. But, even that is a slippery slope. I sometimes see someone who is completely dressed as one gender, but has all the features, figure, movements of the opposite gender and I have the urge to go up and ask if they are a man or woman. Sometimes it has nothing to do with transgender. I know a lovely woman who has a very short man’s haircut. I assume she likes the non-maintenance, however, she does dress in feminine clothing and acts feminine as well. But it certainly might cause others to wonder. Unless I have more facts, I will adopt the position of – who am I to judge.

    • Dan Wil

      Asking someone if they are a man or woman is rude, just like commenting on a 9 month pregnancy and finding out the woman is not pregnant…

      • BJM2

        Exactly! I have the urge, but would never be that rude, including a fat woman who you think looks pregnant. I wouldn’t have asked that person why “he/she” was in the women’s locker room either.

        I like Lee’s suggestion – give them their own space. But – I do believe they have their rights just like the rest of us, just so my rights aren’t compromised instead. Although, I am personally conservative enough that I probably would not even expose myself to others of the same sex in a locker room so no gym for me.

    • phillysmart

      Some things in nature are not relative

  • King Kong

    All you need do, is analyze the hair to discover if it has male or
    female chromosomes. Claiming you are a woman, when your chromosomes say,
    you are a man, and therefore look like a man and have the male
    proportions of a man, is a crafted illusion that should not subject
    women to the arduous task of trying to imagine a genetic male, which
    therefore looks like a man, really is to be visualize as though this is a
    If you are caught up in an illusion, that is fine for
    you, but to try to force others to agree with your illusion is a bit

    • 10-Nov-1775

      obama looks like a man, but in reality, he is not. obama claims to be an American, but in reality, he’s not. obama claims he is a Christian, but in reality, he’s not. Do you think these liberals have learned from their iman, I mean obama?

      • billdeserthills

        Hey, it’s OK for obama to lie, he probably gets extra credit from his religion, when he lies to the infidel. See, so that makes it OK, right?

    • ron


  • David in MA

    Everyone MUST give up their membership as a civil protest. Put the company out of business.
    Or, I can foresee there being a lady to lady (sic) catfight in the locker room……

  • WilliamHarrington

    If she knows any other female members she should make the situation known, She may also mention the situation to any males she knows since there are probably many who would not like any of their female friends or family put in that situation.

  • WiSe GuY

    Then it should be okay for some male to enter the women’s locker room just to watch.

  • hdrider

    It’s really quite simple, let “HER” walk into the women’s shower area, if “HE” gets an erection throw the book at him!

  • ron

    I would say as long as he’s been chopped and castrated, what’s the problem? Did anyone check to see if he/she has balls?

    • Marishka Noyb

      need to get the Popes chair

      • ron

        yes, thanks. i wish that too. Then i could take down the biggest homosexual organization in the world, the Catholic Church. As Pope, I would castrate all those homosexual priests, which is most of them!

  • Terry Cornell

    People choosing what gender they want to be is political crap. That is the one thing you can not do. If you look down and have something between your legs. . .you are a man whether you want to be or not. If you don’t have anything there, then, you are a woman. Deal with it.

    • dragon5126

      I can accept mental issues and the gender confusion and OCCASIONALLY even MAYBE a miswired brain causing it to be the wrong gender for the body, BUT, NFW on the level that we are seeing, MUCH of it is without a doubt an excuse to justify being gay. This means that they haven’t even accepted what they are. Gender Dysphoria (not Identifying with one’s birth gender) is a true psychiatric disorder and is relatively rare. However it is CLAIMED by many who have psychological issues dealing with being gay. At one time there were strict regulations in place restricting gender reassignment. Today it is more of a matter of money in the surgeons pocket From the briefs available the number of individuals who undergo gender reassignment end up needing extensive psychiatric and psychological care that they did not need prior to the surgery. A MAJOR part of this issue is the result of society making it so easy for them to under go this extended and illogical procedure. For those few that it benefits, the restrictions help by making them go through the treatment they NEED, and they would be willing to sacrifice using locker rooms and public restrooms where physical gender is exposed. But Society has become so permissive that it has damaged those who only THINK they are the opposite gender, because they are homosexual. So who are we fooling here? If we believe Homosexuality does not occur naturally, then we are, as a society promoting what is wrong by allowing cross gender use of dressing rooms, shower rooms and restrooms. If we believe Homosexuality does occur naturally, just as it does in the wild and in domesticated farm animals and zoo animals, then we have to step back and realize, again, that we are causing deep seated psychological damage in these individuals by allowing this abuse and unregulated use of gender reassignment. So NO MATTER WHICH STANCE YOU TAKE, As a society, we need to protect both those who are undergoing gender reassignment, and those who are literally being victimized by them.

      • Terry Cornell

        I can not accept any of it. If it is a psychiatric disorder then find a cure instead of catering to them. The majority of us know who and what we are. The few who are confused need to get un-confused instead of pushing their confusion on the country.

        • dragon5126

          you misunderstand, I’m not saying I accept what they are doing, I am saying that the mental issues can exist, and society accepting it on a wholesale basis is out and out making it worse

          • Terry Cornell

            No, I don’t think I misunderstand. I agree with you that accepting it as they are trying to make us do is making it worse. This was not around when I was growing up. What I am saying is that since it is a mental problem or medically based, they should be working on cures for both.

          • dragon5126

            That’s what I was pointing out, how these individuals are predominantly emotionally imbalanced, or have chemical imbalances. And simply catering to their whims is doing more damage to them than anything, and in turn it is violating our rights

          • Terry Cornell

            My Father made an interesting observation about this. He said that we pump millions of tons of chemicals into the air every day and that has finally started affecting people’s brains. Who knows, he might have been right. Have a good Memorial Day.

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            even worse, I believe these people are just drinking the raw chemicals and skipping the process of dumping them into the air…

          • Terry Cornell

            I think you are right. I have heard that Meth is made from all kinds of chemicals including battery acid. I can not fathom how anybody could take that stuff. But, then, I don’t even smoke cigarettes and they are legal.

          • jackieray

            sure it was it just had to stay hidden i’m 78
            and started dressing at fourteen

  • RobertXX

    Why would anyone go to planet fitness? Biggest ripoff artista anywhere……and biggest aholes too.

  • cae973

    spread the word people so that everyone you know will know not to go to a planet fitness where their rights and privacy are abused …lets see if planet fitness can survive when their only customers are a small minority!

  • wsurfs .

    Guess What Planet Fitness….? It just got more disruptive to your member’s list….!!! You will probably see people start exercising and changing clothes elsewhere….!!

  • andrew

    “It” for the time being, is a m.a.n…?. That wants to be a w.o.m.a.n….
    Until such time as the hormone therapy sprouts him some tits, and the wounds of removing his pecker, etc., have completely healed and hidden under pubes… he is still a man, and needs to stay the HELL out of the womens’ locker room… PERIOD !!

  • King Kong

    Reality Check: A man enters, Midland, Michigan, a member at the Planet Fitness gym, and he has spent a long time making some $100.00 bills that look pretty good, and he has a 45under his jacket, and he wants to get a membership with the $100.00 bills that he has convinced himself are real, but the attendant realizes, they are counterfeit, & sees his 45, and call authorities, when the FBl, Cops, Sheriff, &ATF, arrive and arrest him, he tells them he really believes that the bills are real, and that he was carrying a squirtgun. Then do the police, sheriff, FBl, ETC… release him, & let him go, and instead arrest the attendant for not realizing that his guy really thought it was a real $100.00 and a squirtGun?

    • Rev. Phillip Meacham

      thats like someone saying but judge I didnt mean to speed and the judge says whether you ment to or not you are guilty

  • game50

    Thanks to Michelle Obama…who is really Michael LaVaugh Robinson…we have the 1st Gay Couple in Our W.H..

    • Rev. Phillip Meacham

      oregon state # 44

    • BJM2

      Give me a break!!!! Why does every subject give people a right to trash our sitting President and the First Lady. Keep your racist comments to yourself, PLEASE!

      • game50

        BJM2: Please ck out the name Michael LaVaugh Robinson,and see what I’m talking about. The facts will set you free from a closed mind.

        • BJM2

          You obviously were not able to understand what I was saying. What has the president of the United States to do with this article?!!!!!! It is as relevant as my saying you are a transgender. You weren’t there – you aren’t an owner of the gym or a member of the gym, so your lifestyle has no bearing on the article. Do you get it now? You appear to have a one-track racist Republican mind – everything bad happening in this country has to be laid at the feet of our president. Try adopting this philosophy – W.W.J.D. That might help you tremendously. You do know what that means, right? If not – that’s part of the problem here.

          • game50

            BJM2: You don’t seem to want to deal with the truth about Michelle (Michael LaVaugh Robinson) being a Trangender. .. and I quote” People that don’t want to disclose the truth,are the people that have something to hide” (Obama) real name Barry Soetoro. Ask yourself why did Obama (Barry) pay 2 1/2 million dollars to have both his and Michelle personnal records seal. Ask yourself …Why are they keeping the TRUTH from the America people.

  • Linda Lee

    This is so stupiod. If you are going to profess to being another gender, you damned well better dress the part at the very least, if you want to get into a woman’s bathroom. I thnk this guy just said that is what he wants to be so he could go ogle booty……………THE FRIGGIN’ PERVERT

  • Traci

    I know transgendered people personally, and I stand up for their rights. That being said, if a transgendered person identifies as a woman, before they ever step foot in a woman’s locker room, they’d better look the part, because non-trans people have rights, too. Standing up for trans rights does not mean giving someone free reign to just do whatever they want, and they still need to have respect for others. That’s all there is to it. This trans person didn’t respect how it would affect women already in the locker room to walk in as a male. That was testy at best.

    • Dan Wil

      That is what I am saying as well. I know a few transgender people; two friends of mine are transgender and while only one of the two has received the surgery; both take medication and live a lifestyle that offers no doubt that they are in fact women.
      This man is a insult to those transgenders who truly are trying to live the alternate lifestyle.

      • Yorkiemom

        I have never seen a transgender going from man to woman come out so that you would never guess she was once a he. You just simply cannot erase male identity so easily. Yes you can give hormones so that the voice lifts a couple of octaves and the he develops breasts, but you cannot give them the soft features of a women, i.e., small hands, mannerisms that belong to just the women. You cannot get rid of wide shoulders, large hands and feet, thick necks, etc. Most of them look hideous and when they go out dressed up they look like they are going to a Halloween party. It is so obvious. They are to be pitied. They should have undergone extensive psychiatric counselling when they first got that “feeling” they were a woman. What a screwed up society. We, I am afraid, are going to pay a terrible price for all of this perversion. God will not be mocked.

        • dragon5126

          You are partially correct, there are many that do have MOST female features, however there are just as many that look like members of the “Romanian Women’s Olympic Power Lifting Team”

          • Yorkiemom

            My belly laugh for the day. Thank you and you are correct.

          • dragon5126

            we really have to look at how totally absurd this is, I mean, if it hasn’t been chopped off and turned inside out yet, Stay out of ALL Locker rooms. Is that so hard to understand?

        • jackieray

          not all men have wide shoulders, large hands and feet, thick necks and deep voices besides some natural women have wide shoulders, large hands and feet, thick necks and deep voices

    • Franie

      Transgendered people ought to be ISOLATED!! They’re not to be trusted ever. Told you I don’t care for PC crap.

  • Robert Pekarik

    Planet Fitness the place to go to be judgement free unless you happen to be a normal person.

  • Branwen

    This gym failed to practice good judgment and placed women in danger as a result. Allowing those who want to be a sex other than what they are, allows all manner of predator into the locker rooms. Judgment like discrimination, is not always a derogatory or negative assessment. Judgment like discrimination can also be the practice of making an informed, educated, intelligent, comprehensive and informed analysis, the practice of making a fact-based decision, and the evidence of highly skilled wisdom in practice. The Planet Fitness gym like so many others today, appears to have become more concerned with being politically correct than addressing the logical recognized needs of their individuals in the locker rooms. Failing to recognize the needs of their women in these locker rooms they enabled all manner of predator and simply those who are desire to be other than they are in gender, to enter into the women’s locker rooms. This poses a clear and present continual threat to those women; especially if any of them have ever been stalked. Stalkers like pedophiles will find such open invitations a ready way for them to enter into the locker rooms and continue their predatory behavior. Such endangerment of the women fails to recognize or understand predatory behaviors while placing the women in possible harms way for the sake of a single individual who wants to be a gender that he is not. This was poor behavior and unacceptable behavior on the part of Planet Fitness who should be working to assure the safety of their clientel above all else. To compound the matter they then revoked the membership of the very woman they endangered. There seems grounds for suit against Planet Fitness for such poor management, endangerment or the possibility thereof, and total disregard for the needs of their clientel. If Planet Fitness wanted to allow other individuals into the female locker room, they needed to advise their clientel of this well prior to such action and address any emergent needs arising from such notice. Poor, poor, conduct on the gyms part.

    • jackieray

      if you do not like their policy do not patronize their businness

      • Branwen

        Your suggestion is valid until the Club changes and institutes a new policy while failing to inform existing members. Then it is the club which can wind up owing remuneration for damages suffered according to the law. Why? Because basic contract law does not allow the club to default on their original obligations in their written contract with their clientele. First year law students know this one. Legal breach of the contract to istitute new policy while failing to give current clients written 30 day prior notice places the club in clear breach.

  • Branwen

    Please consider that the Planet Fitness gym’s “no judgment” policy is not an actual legally enforceable policy. In point of fact, the failure to practice good judgment is what brought this matter to the public’s attention. Gym’s practicing no judgment should be removed from practice for the viable threat they pose to safety in their gyms with equipment, trainers, facility, etc. If Planet Fitness had practiced good judgment, informed judgment, legal judgment, rather than attempting to be politically correct in the moment, they would not be facing scrutiny for such a matter. Statistically, predators look upon such open-doors for any reason, into women’s facilities, as their entrance. The gym endangered the lives of their female clientel to address the needs of a man wanting to be a woman, this is legally unresponsible and unacceptable behavior. The gym also revoked the legal membership of the woman for informing them when she felt in possible violation or threat, or had question. Since the gyms ‘no judgment’ clause is not actually a legal clause, and because the gym makes no mention of having notified all female clientel in writing – repeatedly with 30 days notice of intent to institute such action and allow the man into their women’s locker rooms, the gym is also in violation of their legal contract and their legal obligation to the woman whose membership they revoked without actual cause. Their ‘no judgment clause’ being less than legal leaves them in violation of their legal contract. It appears that Planet Fitness has a practice of no judgment when they should begin making informed judgments and decisions.

    • jackieray

      so you are saying that planet fitness has a responsibility to verify the genitalia of all members ? A PECKER CHECKER ON STAFF at all times

      • Branwen

        What I am saying is that there have already been 7 reported attacks including women being video -taped by a Peeping Tom and ranging to a mother catching a man strangling her daughter to near death in the next stall. Opening the doors for the few indeed opened them to the predators. No joking because girls are now afraid to attend gym classes and are wearing their workout clothes under their street clothes and one young girl nearly lost her life.

  • phillysmart

    Welcome to the equality the dems have been pushing ..you will see more of it

  • Mommamia1

    “Judge-free” zone = Anything goes but morality, that gets sent out the door. Hell-oooo Sodom & Gomorah!

  • kunling

    Liberally PC mentally ill. Until he gets a cutadickfrommy he’s relegated to the boy’s pissoir.

  • brucefandrews

    Why would anyone want to be a member of anyplace that allowed perverts to rule and not prevent them from violating the dressing room of the opposite sex. Homosexuals. transsexuals and the like are perverts the same as any sex offender and should be treated as such.

  • Mike Howell

    So, this is where we are today, ….Men, Woman, and Idiots.

  • Dennis

    People don’t care about this women or other women being uncomfortable with this what they need to do is have a 3rd dressing room for gender neutral anyone can go in to it male or female

  • Gabriel A. King

    “Sound judgement” FREE ZONE

  • BHR

    Liberals are so stupid and have no common sense. People have the right to privacy.

  • EdChoate

    “Judgement Free Zone.” What a stupid idea. There is no way, I would allow any Dick carrying member of your “Pervert Fitness” to walk into a female restroom or locker room. If this happened to my “Handgun carry permit” daughter, she would definitely shoot his dick off making him a her in seconds.

  • Mys77

    Good grief…that is all it takes for a man to get full access to vulnerable women so he can gawk and intimidate women? Guess you have given the rapist and perverts an idea of how to violate women even further. The owners of this dive, need to publicly be shamed…and women should all revoke their membership!

  • Irving maddocks

    Castration would help his gender identification. If he wants to be a girl then walk the walkadoodledoo and lose the cockadoodledoo. I bet he doesn’t have the balls to do it . L O L These people are sick . Normal people are not safe from the lunatic fringe . A normal man would have been arrested for such lewd behavior but queer wanabees get a pass. God help us.

  • James Maxwell

    And another political correct company who has lost all senses of decency. If God made
    him a male then he is a male and if he thinks he is a woman then he needs mental help
    before he harms himself. Planet Fitness needs to identify themselves as a homo gym
    and refund the membership fees it has charged to its members Sick bunch of individuals.

  • blackwingA520

    These are nothing but FREAKS! just like the Freaks running our country now and allowing this stuff to happen! Put the PC police, all the fruitcake Progressives and the gays on their own little Island and let them eventually die off never to bother us again. Imagine what a perfect world we would have then, I get giddy just thinking about it.

  • Skinpower

    It’s all the gym’s fault. They should have hung pictures of male and female genitalia and a mirror on the wall. Match the mirror’s image to the pictures and use the results to know which room to go into.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    All women should demand their membership cancelled & their money back. Hit Planet Fitness in the wallet. Something will change. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • Muriel Katz

    Sorry but if this guy “identified” as a poodle, that’s still not reason enough to let him enter into dog shows.

    And just because a guy may dress as a female, this doesn’t mean he’s automatically a safe bet. He could be doing this as a ruse to satisfy “Peeping Tom” desires…or as an opportunity to rape a woman…kidnap a child while the mom is dressing…etc.

    Men do not belong in women’s dressing areas and women do not belong in men’s dressing areas…including locker rooms!

  • eagle keeper

    This is what happens when you take God and His teachings out of the everyday human conversations. Keeping in mind we still are directed and are mandated to love all of Gods children. Even those who are possessed by evil spirits. Look what the result of the lack of biblical values has done to our society at large. Absent God, mankind left to our own devices seem to really mess things up. We sure aren’t doing as God has instructed us to do according to His word.

  • Noj

    If it has a dick and balls then it’s a man, and as such it should use the male dressing room.

  • Cheyenne Kid

    They #&_÷=need some disruption, maybe it’ll knock that pc #&## stuff right out of their empty heads!!!

  • Concerned great grandmother

    Judgement Free Zone, she was not judging. She did not a person with male genitals in the female dressing room. Where is the judgement. At the time she was unaware of this Gym catering to those who had a gender identity problem. I have yet to read about a female wanting to use the male dressing room. Always persons with male genitals wanting to use the female dressing rooms or bathrooms. Oh, that is correct we can’t offend any more. How was she disruptive? She made sure other women were aware of this “judgement free zone” and that Planet Gym allowed those having a gender identification problem were allowed to use the female dressing room. I would like to know what is the criteria or proof that Planet Gym has in making sure it is a gender identity problem and not some rapist using it as a means of assaulting women. Men have been arrested for voyager acts, what guarantee the male nto use the female dressing room is not committing such acts This lady coould sue Planer Gym for putting her in a potentially dangerous situation. I do not believe that anyone managing their gyms has anyway to tell if a male genital person in the ladies dressing room is a potential threat to the ladies using that room.