All the Words in the World Could Never Be as Persuasive as the Picture Published by this Grieving Dad

MikeStollingMike Stollings’ son Jeramie had a long history with drugs. Recently, however, he had taken a new job and was devoted to his 10-month-old son, Asher (the three generations are shown in the photo above). His dad thought perhaps the worst was over.

Last week Jeramie died after overdosing on Dextromethoraphan, one of the ingredients in over-the-counter cold and cough remedies. He left his father filled with grief and guilt.

I’ll spend the rest of my days on this earth racking my brain trying to figure out what I should have done differently.

Mike Stollers decided the one thing he could do was remove the veil that often covers death. Drug use is accepted as recreational among young people, especially. Mike wants Jeramie’s friends and other young people to see where it often ends, so he posted this photograph on Facebook.


Here’s the expanded portion…

Nothing we can say is as eloquent as the words of this grief-stricken dad. Our hearts go out to the Stollings family.

Never Pay for Another Drop of Gas Again!

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  • Thomas Lee Howell

    Should have stuck with harmless marijuana. Pills and hallucinagenics can addict or kill a human being. Educate your children and teens. if they have to use anything to alter their minds let it be marijuana.

    • Thomas

      You have to be a liberal democrat. Obama has a White house full of you.


        Marijuana is the beginning of most all drug users….I have seen first hand what it can do as far as advancing to other drugs with one of my children…I am so glad our FL bill did not pass, it shouldn’t be legal in any state. If certain children or adults need it, then it should come directly from the Dr’s office not some store…I don’t want to be on the road with someone who is using..I can’t believe anyone one would make such as STUPID statement.

    • Huffer

      Thomas Lee Howell, you are an ass if you really believe that!

      • patriot 86

        Oh he’s a ass alright.

    • MAC49

      Marijuana harm less? I haven’t heard of one addict who didn’t start with marijuana. And you say Marijiana is harmless! That is really sad, but that is the mind set of ignorance. Please keep what little thoughts you have to yourself. EDUCATE you Children. That is your thought of educating your child. Listen to your ignorant A## , teach your child to ALTER their mind, are you SERIOUS. Maybe some day you are watching your son or daughter or someone (if possible) you care about, die from drugs. Step One Marijuana, then who knows! And this is the next generation teaching skills. God Forbid! Maybe you need to be taken to the jails, Morgue, or juvenille halls…..Never mind your mind is already altered into ignorance and stupidity. May you be so blessed to watch a love one die from drugs.

      • LegacyCare

        Everyone who uses drugs started out on milk. I say it is milk that causes drug addiction.

    • 5live5

      Yeah, young people end up just like Thomas Lee Howell, shrunken frontal lobe and all!!!

    • Ellen

      They do not have to use drugs. They have to engage themselves in worthwhile endeavors , like volunteering in animal shelters, etc. There are a lot of organizations that need help from the young kids. It is unfortunate that these kids does not know anything else to amuse themselves or feel needed except by getting high. I know this is hard work for parents but still it may be the difference between a live and productive child from a dead one. This should be part of the curriculum in school.

    • patriot 86

      There is no such thing as harmless marijuana ‘ it’s not called the gateway drug for nothing .No one starts using marijuana and stays with it ‘ they just climb the ladder to more and more deadly drugs till they either come to their senses or die.

  • rightsmite

    Our youth has a problem. It’s one created by the society and times we live in as well as those that govern us. Ask any young person what’s up with them. They’re bored! They are isolated by the electronics they are addicted to. They are depressed. Their parents are not around to help take care of them because they are working two jobs or have no job thanks to our economy. We live in a society that wants all drugs legalized and now the entire west coast has legal marijuana. The music and movies are predominately drug and violence based. So their answer to escape their reality is drugs. When our society cures it’s sickness and the sickness in our government that promotes illegal behavior, maybe our youth can return to normal.

    • 77099

      the music glamorizes drugs and violence. It would be wonderful if those song writers took some responsibility and stopped that. Of course they are wallowing in the money so fat chance.

  • wsurfs .

    So sad..!

  • hangman

    I’ve always had a problem accepting that drugs were not harmful. I saw some kids from my school who started smoking pot, and graduated to harder drugs, and they all wound up doing time. Proof that drugs will make you a liar and a criminal is evident just looking at Obama. Why would anyone want to mess with drugs, anyway?

  • BlueViolets

    The main problem is that most young people have the mindset that it won’t happen to them. Young people always think they will live forever and nothing like that can happen to them. That has been that way from the beginning regardless of whether it is drugs or driving too fast or jumping off mountains. Doesn’t matter how many are killed do so the young person will always think it can’t happen to them.

  • franko35758


    • 5live5

      I feel your pain, Sarge!!!

    • US Army (retired)

      From another ‘Nam Vet. ’68/’69/’70. The wife and I raised 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys. Three of the girls have done well, the 4th one had to do time in prison before she learned her lesson. My oldest son is still trying to figure out what he wants to be and my youngest one is always “bored” or playing on his computer until I took it away and made him earn the right to use it on ocassion. He was very upset but I will not let him go down that road. There is more to life than a fantasy game. He is slowly coming around because I will not fall for his little “I’m gonna pout until I get my way” routine.

      Thanks for your service Sarge!

      • Gammi2Anna

        I am a nurse and saw the ‘end results’ of drug use all too many times working in the ER and hospital. My husband and I had only one child so I can not claim to know what we would have done with more. I will tell you what we did with our one child, a son. His father was a long haul trucker which meant he was not home on a regular basis, but when he was he gave our son his full attention, teaching him about how to be a good, honest and respectful son, student, athlete, friend, worker and man. I never held anything back in describing to our son the horrific scene in the ER when we had a drug or alcohol related incident. I told him about the young teen who was brought in after getting so high on drugs that he chewed most of his tongue off. I told him about the beautiful 11 month old baby girl that was brought in DOA because her father was too drunk to put her in a car seat before driving drunk. I told him how I, his own mother, stared down the barrel of a gun when a drunk and drugged up man showed up in the ER after his brother was fatally shot during a music festival, where they had too much alcohol and drugs and not enough security. With these stories, I actually wanted to scare him so badly that he would never consider using drugs. But just in case that did not work, I told him that in our small town where people love to gossip, it would be difficult for him to participate in using alcohol/drugs, speeding, or any other unacceptable behavior without me or his father being told about it. I also promised him that if I ever found any evidence that he was using/abusing drugs or alcohol, I would lock him in his room and handcuff him to his bed if necessary until he was detoxed. As he got older he told me once that it would be unlawful and considered child abuse if I were to do such a thing. I told him he was exactly right, however, that would not deter me from doing exactly what I told him I would do. I also told him that I and his father would not ever do anything to purposefully harm him but that we would do everything possible to make sure he got the opportunity to grow into a decent human being that loved himself more than the brief high he would experience from drug or alcohol use, even if it meant walking the fine line of what some might call illegal or abusive action, because we were his PARENTS, not his FRIEND. Today, we are proud of our 42 y/o son, a great husband, father of our beautiful granddaughter, VP of a major financial institute and an active member of his community and church, volunteering to help with the food bank, promoting youth programs to help deter drug and alcohol use and with housing for the homeless. We are also thankful that we never had to put our plan into action. Some people call what we did “tough love”. My husband and I just call it “parenting” with a “smidgeon of fear”. God Blessed “US” with a wonderful child, placing the responsibility on “US” to raise him. Today, too many parents expect society to raise their children.
        BTW, we thank you for your service to this country and it sounds like you too are “parenting” rather than leaving that up to society. God Bless you and your family!

        • US Army (retired)

          Anna, if there was one thing I did well as a child, it was learning things the hard way! My parents did all they could to show me but I was the most hard headed kid around. It finally reached the point that I had done enough “mischief” that a judge said “boy you have 2 choices,the military or jail”. I chose the military and it damn sure straightened me out. I learned I was NOT 10′ tall, bullet proof and knew everything! When I got to ‘Nam I was terrified, but I learned. By the time I was 19 yo I was a staff sgt. responsible for the lives of 30 men in a cavalry platoon because of what was called “blood stripes” you got promoted because your leader was dead. That is NOT the way to grow up and learn responsibility. It aged me quickly. I made a promise to myself that I would not allow my children to experience what I did!! Most of them listened and the ones who didn’t tell me they wish they had. My answer to them is “So do I!!! {:^)

    • They Should NEVER Have STOPED the DRAFT! And TAKEN EVERY ONE of Their SORRY A$$E$! And be MADE to get their $hit Together! They send them to PRISON. Why not the MILITARY, Where Some one is on their ass 24/7? NO Sharp Objects!! U.S.N. 69-73

  • takeitbacknow42012

    You NEVER hear someone say “I’m so glad I started using drugs”. You do hear them say “I’m so happy I STOPPED using drugs!

  • 5live5

    To all who want to legalize all drugs. Yeah let’s legalize ALL of them!! Let’s see more and more pictures like these!! Let’s see more of America’s promising youth discarded by the wayside. Real good idea! Why not shorten the misery and let them commit suicide! How stupid can you people be????

    • CommonSense4America

      About as stupid as you. No one is saying legalize drugs for minors. Adults should be able to do as they please as long as they do not harm others. Kids are already getting drugs and committing suicide. Both, BTW, are illegal.

      • 5live5

        Yeah kids are already getting drugs so let’s legalize them and make it even easier!!! Dude I saw the remains of a man that lost hope on drugs and put an M-16, on full auto, under his chin and pull the trigger. took about seven rounds for it to stop cycling! I picked up my fatigue pants to go on guard duty and a piece of his skull dropped off my pants. NOTHING you could ever do or say would ever sway my mind on this subject! Medical marijuana, ok, recreational use of all drugs? Nope!

        • CommonSense4America

          As a conservative republican I say,,,then don’t use marijuana. As for the rest of our adult population,,,do as you please. If you use and want to blow your head off,,,please don’t hurt anyone else in the process and don’t make a mess. BTW,,,I don’t and never have used and don’t intend to use even if it is legalized.

          • 5live5

            you think it didn’t hurt his mother and father to have a closed casket at his funeral? You think it didn’t hurt them to know their son died in a war zone by committing suicide from drug use? There is no such thing as a victimless crime with drugs!

          • CommonSense4America

            I’m pretty sure that it hurt his parents. If it were my son/daughter it would hurt me. That is no reason to stop other adults from using if they so wish. What I really don’t understand is,,,when a conservative doesn’t like something,,,he doesn’t do it. When a liberal/progressive doesn’t like something,,,they want to outlaw it for everyone else. Leave the adults alone. Mind you own business.

          • 5live5

            I am soon to be 64 and I have always voted conservative. Never voted for a liberal in my life. If you want conservative reasoning, then who do you think is going to support all those druggies that don’t quite kill themselves but are so wasted that they can’t even wipe their own azz? THE TAX PAYERS! Why the hell should I as a taxpayer have to support someone for the remainder of their worthless life when they have SELF INDUCED their “handicap”?? Nobody twisted their arm and made them take those drugs for so many years. Before you start, I don’t believe we should support drunks that have ruined their livers, either. I’m tired of hard working stiffs supporting the people that can’t make it through life without a crutch!

          • CommonSense4America

            I may come across as a [email protected]$$, but I agree with you. I would not waste one dime on them. Their family should take care of them, not tax money. Not my problem. Insurance? Healthcare? There is no Constitutional RIGHT to either. I want the government nannies out of my life. All of this goes along with my belief in self responsibility. If you are an adult, do what you want,,,don’t hurt anyone else and don’t take their stuff. Leave me alone.

          • 5live5

            That’s the way it would work in a perfect world, but sadly this isn’t a perfect world. First thing some bleeding heart liberal that has smoked a joint once in his life says “oh my had I not quit that could be me, we gotta do something to help these poor shleps”. Next thing you know the libs have made deals and passed a law that says all the straight people have to pay to support all these druggies cause those poor boobies can’t. There’s the REAL WORLD.

  • DaWholeTruth

    Well. let’s see he has those damn checkers in his ear lobes – dad that was your FIRST clue. What kind of career outside of tattoo artist or Starbucks barista does someone that looks like that expect to have? I don’t know ONE individual that looks like that that has their own house, most live in their parent’s basement hanging out with other sophisticates. Bottom line, if you’re weak-willed drugs will be your demise, whether they be illegal, over-the-counter, alcohol or tobacco. Oscar Wilde said it best “everything on moderation”, if you lack intestinal fortitude then your credo should be “abstinence”. My heart goes out to this father, but he admits know his son was using lysergic acid diemethylamide, one of the most potent mind-altering substances on the planet – this kid should have been entered into a rehab clinic or on CONSTANT watch, dad the signs were there.

  • LegacyCare

    This dad is very angry. On his FB page he several times asks his son’s friends what they did to try to stop his son. Well Mike the answer is, NOBODY can do ANYTHING to stop an addict. You need to stop blaming other people for your son’s death. It is not your fault either. Your son was self medicating instead of getting professional help for his pain and issues. The choices and decisions were all in his power and nobody could have done anything different short of literally locking him up. Even then, when he got out he would have done the same thing. Mankind has used mind altering substances since the dawn of time, and people will continue to do so until the end of time. Stop the War on Drugs and support systems that make help available to those who seek it. Criminalizing drug use drives people into the darkness instead of giving them a pathway to find their way out of their addiction. The destruction and de-funding of America’s Mental Health System and shutting down all the mental hospitals in the 1980’s left people with these types of struggles with literally no place to turn for non-judgmental help. Prayers for all the people who are suffering over the loss of a child or loved one to drugs. What a pointless way to die.

  • Bama Bill

    When I was young life was fun. We all went outside and had fun playing baseball, hiking out to the woods, and had chores to do. Because we did NOT lie, our parents trusted us to tell them where we were going, and that we would be home when they told us to. If anyone saw you doing something wrong, they phoned your parents, and you got punished by dad when he got home from work. We could ride along with the milkman on his route and help him, no seat belts, or lawsuits. Go fishing with my buddies at the pond. Make our own toys, like slingshots and model airplanes.
    We didn’t even know anybody that did drugs, and there were no obese kids in the whole school. We all said, “ONLY A DOPE WOULD USE DOPE!” You wouldn’t hesitate to turn in anyone that stole or broke the law. I still won’t have anything to do with liars and thieves. If more people were honest and didn’t “GO along” with lying and cheating, this would be a better world.
    Our daughter told me that the kids at her college would tell her about the wild parties they had on the weekend, everyone naked, orgies, and drink till you throw up. Cheat on their homework and tests. What great futures they have, the Democrats will hire ’em all!

  • Will Harden

    I was doing drugs at FSU in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Having dropped out three times, I decided to distance my self from all the drug friends I had made. So I wrote this to the school newspaper.
    “Drugs are the most temporary excuse for life ever offered to mankind. They are as the paint on the face of the poor clown who makes you laugh once and then is heard no more.
    They are the glitter on the Christmas tree more flighty than a falling star. They are the candy bar that makes you lose appetite for a streak dinner.
    They are the ice on the road that gives you a quick thrill before your car strikes a tree.
    They come on as the most beautiful and exciting thing that we have ever seen and princes follow them, not to kingdoms but to cesspools of obscurity and despair.
    Time shall see the revelation of their true identity.”

  • Buckindaburg

    In my lifetime, I have seen the hippies…I have seen the beat generation…I have witnesses protest marches over inane things that common sense might have repaired. I have seen women burning their bras…men running to Canada to escape the draft…marches against racism…for fair wages…to outlaw fur, or guns, or gas guzzlers. The media is always there extolling the virtues of protest, regardless of the reason.
    I would like to see a march that promotes responsibility for one’s actions.
    In trying to engineer society so that everyone is equal, why not admit that some people will be successful, and some will not. It has to do with an individual’s talent and work ethic.
    We have created a group of people in this country that are totally reliant upon government for staying alive. There is subsidized housing…food stamps…free medical care…free transportation…and for some reason, free cell phones…telling us that those phone are needed in case someone is called for a job. Why would anyone that has all those entitlements without responsibility…want a job?
    So many young children are born out of wedlock and will not pursue education because to study is hard. To sleep all day and cruise the streets all night, is easy. Can’t read or write…no one will hire you for an executive salary…no sweat. Become a mule and deliver drugs for a local pusher. You can make a couple hundred a day…tax free. That will lead to bigger and better things….not!

    We have besmirched the very idea of having a job and working our way up through the system by actually showing up for work…trying to do the best we are able while at our job…and being recognized and promoted. Accomplishing something once brought pride…now, it brings ridicule.
    As a society…the blame might be spread around…there are more than one guilty party. But if we are going to do something to change it for the better, we had better quit making excuses and handing our free lunches. Someone has to pay and it appears that even though a rising tide raises all ships….pulling the plug drains the entire bath tub.

  • Freedom_First

    All accidental drug deaths and overdoses are caused by the adulterated, improperly labeled, and improperly manufactured drugs produced by the current illegalization war. Legalized, pure drugs packaged in safe doses are 100% safe. It is impossible to accidentally overdose on properly labeled drugs that are packaged in safe doses just like it is impossible to accidentally jump off a tall building or accidentally swallow twenty pills instead one or two.

    When all drugs were legal, there were practically NO accidental drug deaths. Likewise there was no crime or violence associated with medicine (drugs) when drug fighters and illegalizers were not allowed to murder, assault, rob, and arrest millions of innocent humans. Every drug fighter and illegalizer is personally responsible for all these deaths because they employ armies of armed government thugs in order to prevent their fellow humans from buying safe drugs. They are also personally responsible for preventing sick people from getting their medicine because their drug war forces everyone to pay more than a thousand times the cost for basic medicines.

    Human beings who exercise their natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not criminals, no matter what any man-made law says. A criminal is anyone who violates the natural rights of another human. Drug fighters and illegalizers are criminals because they kill, assault, rob, and arrest peaceful human beings. They are also terrorists because they target civilians.

    Medicinal plants and extracts were made illegal because they cannot be patented. They are illegal because they can be produced and sold for pennies by peasant farmers. They are illegal because the biological action of every prescription drug can be duplicated with medicinal plants, extracts, and dietary supplements that are much safer, more effective, and much cheaper. In a free market where everyone, including poor people, are allowed to compete, basic medicines (drugs) would be dirt cheap. Big Pharma (the government licensed drug cartel) would lose more than ninety percent of their sales amounting to several hundred billion dollars per year. That is the reason why government drug fighters are employed to arrest millions of consumers who choose not to be ripped off by Big Pharma. Money is the reason why government thugs are employed to murder peasant farmers and spray poison on their land, livestock, crops, and families. In fact, the medical industrial complex purchases tons of opiates every year from selected peasant farmers and resell them by prescription for ten thousand times more than they paid. The prescription drug racket is the most profitable racket in history enforced by armies of police and a vast prison complex. Just in the last two decades, drug fighters and illegalizers have quadrupled the U.S. prison population. They have succeeded in transforming the former land-of-the-free into the world’s leading police-prison state. Welcome to the United Police States of Amerika.

    The drug war is now a one trillion dollar per year armed robbery that enriches Big Pharma, the police-prison industrial complex, and the substance abuse treatment complex at the expense of taxpayers and consumers. It is the largest armed robbery in history.
    —- Rick [Freedom_First (at) verizon (dot) net]