Hannity Uncovers White House Mission – The Quest to Keep Biden Steady

FOX News host Sean Hannity has revealed a critical mission undertaken by the White House, named “Operation Don’t Let Joe Fall Again.” This mission is centered around addressing the mobility challenges faced by President Biden, who is grappling with “significant spinal arthritis.” According to Axios, Biden’s team is implementing extra precautions to avoid any public stumbling incidents, such as the one that occurred in June.

The mission highlights the severity of the President’s mobility constraints, leading to the adoption of shorter steps for plane boarding. Hannity speculates on the sustainability of these measures, given the President’s condition. The concerns are multifaceted, encompassing not only Biden’s physical health but also the public’s perception of his age and cognitive capabilities, which are perceived to be diminishing.

The near fall of President Biden post the mission’s initiation underscores the ongoing challenges and the necessity of preventive measures. Hannity points out the potential political implications of such incidents, suggesting that they could reinforce doubts about Biden’s ability to lead and may have serious consequences for his political career.

In conclusion, the disclosure of “Operation Don’t Let Joe Fall Again” by Sean Hannity has spotlighted the issues related to President Biden’s mobility. The developments and preventive measures will remain under scrutiny, shaping the narrative around his leadership and health. Read the original story here.